Letting the Kids in the Kitchen-Mom Chats Blog Tour 2011

January 6, 2011 · Posted in Kids In The Kitchen 

Hi Everyone! I’m Super Excited to participate in the first blog tour of Mom Chat’s hosted by Val Selby. She has a wonderful line up of guests posts and she happen to stop by my kitchen  first, so I am very happy to introduce her. Join Val on some terrific sites and find some new blogs to follow along the way. I can’t wait to read more!

Letting the Kids in the Kitchen

I was one of those girls that grew up in the kitchen. I can remember canning at my Great-grandma’s house and we were 4 generations deep. Sure I probably wasn’t doing much, but I was always in the kitchen watching and learning.

My mom had my kids in the kitchen at an early age. She was teaching them to use a paring knife by 4 (with permission and under extreme supervision), just like she taught my brother and I.

I have to admit that when the kids were little it was rough letting them help. I was working part-time and then as they got a little older I went back to school. Meal times were harried and I was trying to get things done quickly.

Thankfully they are polite kids, so they were asking “why not”? There’s nothing like the truth to make you stop and think. My “why not” was because I was too busy and this was just not an answer I was ok.

I had to teach myself to let the kids help more while I was cooking. I had to stop and think of the fact that they wanted to learn and if I’m not the one to teach them, then they won’t learn. I had to remind myself that the mess I was going to clean up was going to be worth it. Then I also had to remember that teaching them to clean up their mess was totally part of the cooking experience

I’m thankful I did learn this lesson, as I know many that didn’t stop and let the kids in the kitchen. It wasn’t easy, but we’ve created our own memories.

Letting them help is the only way they will learn. It instills the good eating habits they need to stay healthy and to raise their future families. No it’s not easy for some of us to let that control go and let them get in the mix. But just let the little one’s start with these 3:

1. You hold the measuring cup full of flour or other dried good and they use a butter knife to scrape off the top to make it level.

2. Stirring is always big to let the kids help with. Yes it can be very messy, but it teaches them dexterity and then there is that clean up rule.

3. Cutting soft fruits like bananas and canned peaches and pears. You can let even the smallest of kids use a butter knife to create a salad or dice them for a cereal topper.

I’m happy to report that my 15-year-old daughter has been known to cook out of blue and come up with great ideas without a recipe. My younger son, well, let’s just say that with two strong women in the house that love to cook he’s learned he can ask us. Even though he’s almost 13 I’m now going through the same lessons I did when they were little and making him cook on his own. You can imagine how much bigger the messes are now though!

Thanks for having me stop at your blog Noel!

Val Selby has been the owner of MomChats.com since 2006. Free chat rooms for online parties, webinars or coffee chats along with resources for everything Mom. Promote your business, blog or just join in some fun discussion with other Moms that have been there or are living it.

PS:From Noel~Don’t forget to visit the Mom Chat’s Blog Tour 2011 HERE


  • BusyMomma
    Tina, adults should be cutting food with a flat surface too. I know many people with bagel cutting injuries and one of them has lost all feeling in two fingers because of it. Kids learn by watching what we do ;)
  • MommiesPointofReview
    Hello, first and formost I Love your Blog. It always has so much on it for me to learn from. I too am doing the Blog Tour I am from Mommies Point of View and I am glad you did it as I was able to find you. I wish you a nice day.
  • Tina "The Book Lady"
    Are you on FB or do you have a button for your blog? I'd like to add your button to my GivingNSharing blog.

    Tina "The Book Lady"
  • Tina, I sent you an e-mail message.
  • Tina "The Book Lady"
    My nephew & niece (age 7 and 3 11/12 ths) helped with Christmas Eve dinner. It was interesting watching Brett cut a cucumber. I had to cut it in 1/2 so it laid flat and didn't roll on him - I have no idea why MOM didn't do that for him but once I did he had no trouble doing it. Sure they were oddly shaped - but still yummy. Great article!

    I will be doing a post probably the end of January on Kid Fitness w/ the Wee Sing CD's on my GivingNSharing blog and I'd love to have you join us. It will include some food tips and other information too.

    Tina "The Book Lady"
  • BusyMomma
    Thanks for having me Noel!
  • Your Welcome! It was a pleasure hasving you!
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