Building Relationships in Your Business: Share The Business…..Sharing With Others…..

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Share The Business…..Sharing With Others….


We see this story lived out every day.


We see  people who have lost their vision for life and have become deaf to the sounds of hope.

They feel confused, powerless, and trapped in a life they don’t know how to get out of.

As their frustration increases their joy decreases in equal measure.

But I also see people like you who remind me of YOU !

  • People who know they can help others.
  • People who know they can touch and positively transform the lives of people with the power of their business.
  • People who know they have something of value to communicate. 
  • People who are so certain of the importance what they do that they remain passionate about doing it while also being patient with those who can’t “see it.”

As we head into April, remember the importance of what you do in your business.

I understand that you cannot predict the magic moment…the moment when someone truly sees the life changing possibilities you are putting into their hand.  Don’t worry about when it will happen.

Just know that it will.

In the meantime, keep showing up. Keep growing your business with pride, passion, and dignity. You will be thanked by those whom you have helped to see, hear, and live. More than ever, people need what you have.


Great American Bake Sale Nevada County: Help Support NC Bakers

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As you all previously read, my team mate mom and I were doing a Great American Bake Sale event on Saturday, April 4, 2009.  I had the location picked out and started notifying everyone. Well last week the City of Grass Valley told me that we would need a Business License to do such an event. I have never heard such a thing. I told the lady in Public Works that we were doing a fundraiser to feed hungry children in our community. I wasn’t sure if this was because we were going to be baking the cookies ourselves with other moms and selling them or because I happen to mention my business on the form. I told the lady that my business was just the background part of the event; meaning I would provide handouts about teaching families how to make affordable meals in their home with budget friendly recipes. (in my business according to Section 6015 of State Board of Equalization, I do not need a business license.)

Needless to say, our event has been postponed. We are looking for a place to do the event. We have contacted a local church, farmer’s market and other facilities with no response yet. Last night we were on our local tv station NCTV. We are hoping to spread the word about this great event and hoping to get others involved. I did some reasearch and we are the only ones in our area of California trying to do this event. Children everywhere need our help. I am hoping to do this event once a month through June or July for my area.

If you would like to help support our team, you can do one of the following:

1. Make a donation at

2. Donate Baked Goods or Come with Baked Goods.

3. Buy the Baked Goods at Our Sale. (Date to Be Announced once location found)

Share Our Strength’s funding makes it possible to feed anywhere from 12 to 40 kids five days a week from early July to late August.

  • $25 could cover the cost of a 4 dish and utensil set to serve children free afterschool meals.
  • $100 could buy a food carry bag to enable organizations to deliver hot and cold meals to children.
  • $500 could cover the cost for an organization to buy a new deli slicer to prepare sandwiches for 150 children.
  • $1000 could help an organization pay for staff person to serve children meals at a meal site in the summer.

It takes one part love, one part family, one part fun and a touch of community to end childhood hunger in America. Your contribution to Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale helps to make sure that no child in America grows up hungry.

Time Management Tips: A Crucial Part of YOUR Business

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Time Management Tips


For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned!  Being disorganized increases your stress and stress makes you less effective and less efficient.

Organization is VERY personal:

  • - it does not have to be neat (you know, pretty files, color coordinated notebooks, etc.), it just has to work for you.
  • - MOST CRUCIAL: When you go home, the first thing you need to do to get organized is to identify what stresses you out – this will help you know what to focus on; where you need change
  • ¨ what makes you say: I can’t do this because….

 Your business is made up of 3 types of activities:

  • 1. income earning activities – phone calls; in person contacts; follow up
  • 2. income maintenance activities – shows, customer service, team
  • 3. income wasting activities – these are things that keep you from earning (things that other people can do, things you don’t need to do); email, internet; playing office!

 - Make the resources at your command work FOR you. If you are spending time playing office, you are just pushing paper, not making money. With each task, ask yourself “is this making me money?”  

  • - If you are trying to GET organized, don’t go back and re do whatever you have done in the past. Start today with your new plan.
  • - If you have to use anything from your old “system”, incorporate it at that point.

 Identifying time wasters and ways to deal with them.

  • You will never “find” time but you can find out how you waste time. Document the time you spend by “clocking in to work” for one week. Use the clock timer. You should discover that NOTHING in this business really takes that long to do.
  • Don’t “play office”; Handle things once: when it comes to e-mail, voice mail or paperwork, take instant action (read, answer, delete, file) so you don’t have to come back to it.
  • Are you effective in your communications (phone or email)? Do you have a plan when you pick up the phone?
  • Give yourself a set time to do research on something, then make a decision. Don’t spend hours researching something that will only save you a little money and will cost you more in lost time.
  • The biggest time waster for most of us is not knowing who to call, when to call them and what to say

 What NOT to do:

  • - Don’t do work that doesn’t lead to income – present or future
  • - Don’t send out huge mailings if you can’t follow up on each and every one
  • - Don’t spend time making pretty flyers – someone has done this already! Go to the Yahoo Groups;, and PC websites to find out who!
  • - Don’t enter every customer’s info into your system - only do those who need something from you

 So What DO you do?  First, you have to know what you are supposed to do.

To Do lists:

  • Constantly cycling through a to-do list in your mind hinders productivity and creativity. Write it down and your mind will be ready for more important things!
  • Use Franklin Covey; make a list of everything that needs to be done this week.
  • I am very pen/paper, I free my mind by writing down everything, then prioritizing it. I have a pad of paper and pen in car, by bed, at desk.
  • Did you ever have a day where you forgot to eat? Well, to prevent that, you should have a standard daily, weekly and monthly to do list – things that have to be done every day, week or month so that you don’t have to spend time “remembering”. LIKE: Exercise, take vitamins, enter expenses, check Wed. Reg, updating PWS, download team stats, plan team meeting, book next month; show checklist
  • Do Sunday night planning: review family schedule, schedule office hours, determine what needs to happen during the week to reach business goals (team & personal) – prioritize and schedule those activities. Any income generating activity gets $ sign next to it and a high priority.

 This will help you know WHEN to do things:

  • There are 3 sections to the day: morning, afternoon, evening – figure out what you can do when! Don’t do paperwork in the prime calling time!
  • Limit number of activities planned each day – six business/six home life.
  • Tackle the big rocks first – it is tempting to do the easy stuff first but then the big stuff (usually the most important) is always left over at the end of the day.
  • Assign deadlines to every task – this will move you into action! If you commit to prompt follow up, you are more likely to do it.
  • If you have a big task, break it down in to small 20-30 minute segments. If you know you only have to work on something for 20 minutes, you will start the project and you will probably accomplish more than you think because of the time limit. Use your timer.
  • At the end of the day, list what you SHOULD have accomplished but did not. Make sure it is on the top of your list for tomorrow.

 Finding blocks of time: 

  • Working in blocks of time helps prevent the feeling that you are working constantly.
  • Turn off technology during your peak work time: don’t answer email when you need to be making phone calls. The email can wait. I check early a.m, lunch, before leaving office
  • Don’t plan concentration time when you KNOW you will be interrupted.
  • My favorite “block” of time is found before a show. I leave for my show an 15 minutes early. I arrive at the host’s house an 25 minuters before I have to walk in the house so I park around the corner. I am in a quiet, controlled, uninterrupted environment during prime calling hours. I make host coaching, booking and team calls. The calls are focused and brief. For example: Hi, Suzy. This is Noel from the ”your company name”  How are you? Do you have a minute? I have just a minute or two since I arrived at my show a little early. I know you were considering taking advantage of the Host Specials for August and I will probably book at least one August show tonight. Did you want to pick the date that is best for you?


Power Hour (or half hour):

  • Budget your time intentionally – know who you will call in each category (Recruit Leads, Host Coaching, New bookings, Customer Care, Consultant Care). Use the RSVP priority list.
  • Make calls in each category (in that order) for 10 minutes per category.
  • Save the last 10 minutes to handle anything you promised to do during your calls and to make notes.

 Office Hours:

  • I set these every Sunday night after I review my week’s schedule with my family. Publishing these hours help both me and my team.
  • I email my hours to my team so that they always know when I can be reached. It is an easy way for me to remind my team of upcoming events, meetings and HO program deadlines. That way I don’t spend time in our calls talking about details available elsewhere.
  • I schedule at least one night in my office every week to talk to hosts, recruit leads and consultants that I can’t reach during the day.
  • Even if you don’t have a team, set office hours for your own planning!
  • I schedule non work – usually every Friday plus one other day when I do errands.


Five frogs are sitting on a log.  One decides to jump off.  How many frogs are on the log?  There are still five frogs on the log because deciding to do something is NOT the same as taking action. 

You MUST take action to be successful.

The American Dream-A Self Owned Business

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NEED EXTRA     ???


                 SHOW SALES                                     COMMISSION                              HOURLY WAGE

                       $1000                                                     $220                                                   $55

                        $900                                                      $198                                                   $50

                        $800                                                      $176                                                   $44

                        $700                                                      $140                                                   $35

                        $600                                                      $120                                                   $30

                        $500                                                      $100                                                   $25

                        $400                                                       $80                                                    $20

                        $300                                                       $60                                                    $15

                        $200                                                       $40                                                    $10


From an average show of $500, the commission earned would be $100, or $25 per hour.  Based on the current minimum wage rate of $6.55 per hour, one would have to work 15 hours and 16 minutes to earn $100.


Now, how many part-time jobs can offer you a beginning hourly wage like this?



My Business is the #1 retailer of kitchen tools in the U.S.


NO inventory – your starter kit is all you need.

NO delivery – all products are shipped directly to the customer by the company.

NO industry saturation – only 70,000 consultants currently in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Germany

Low start-up investment – $155.00 investment gives you products and supplies

Low pressure environment – educational, entertaining and fun!

Flexibility – you work when YOU wan to work

Free training – audio, video and one-on-one personal training

Personal development – monthly workshops, newsletters and info meetings

Tax benefits – multiple home-based business deductions

22% – 27% commission after $15,000 in career sales

Travel awards can be earned for yourself and your family

Unlimited growth potential – personal and financial independence




 Common Questions about the My Business

How much does it cost to become a consultant?  It costs $155 plus tax.  There is no fine print.  You get $500 worth of products and paperwork to start your business.  In the first three months, in addition to your pay, you can earn approximately $1200 more in bonus products.

How much do I get paid?  Depending on your total sales for the month, you are paid 20-25% commission.  As you go up the ladder, you can earn up to 31%.  The company pays for host gifts, customer service costs and credit card fees.  You don’t carry any inventory and products are shipped Fed-Ex directly to the hosts.  (Our company average is such that you earn about $100 per show in the beginning.)

Do I need sales experience?   Most of our consultants are not trained sales people or have any sales background.  They are just individuals looking to earn some extra money, free products and have some fun, all on their own schedule.  These Kitchenproducts are of the highest quality and are easy to sell!!!

What if I am not a good cook?  We are not professional cooks or chefs.  Many of our consultants don’t even like to cook, but our products and recipes make meal preparation quick and easy.  The recipes recommended for demonstrations are easy and simple to prepare no matter what your aptitude in the kitchen.

Are there meetings to attend?  How do I get trained?  We have a sales meeting once a month that consultants attend.  They are for recognizing your accomplishments, meeting other consultants to learn new ideas, additional training and growing a successful business.  New consultants may attend our monthly new consultant workshop.  However, much of your questions and help will come from your recruiter and/or your Director as they advise you in your business along the way.  Also, your kit comes with audio and video CD’s as well as a well organized notebook which gives complete detailed instructions and tips in every area of you business.  You can also attend other consultants’ or directors’ kitchen shows to see other techniques.  We also offer free tele-classes where you can be trained through classes offered on the phone with a company trainer.  We have a company audio/video store as well so you can purchase CD’s and DVD’s on various topics of interest to help you with your business for a minimal fee.  You will also get help on our web site, through company newsletters, email and team newsletters.  So there are many ways you can receive training.  With the this business, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

What are SOME of the advantages of having this type of business?  Most people like the flexibility of working around their family.  This business is not gender biased – both men and women like to cook!  Everyone eats and everyone has a kitchen, so everyone is a potential customer!  The products are great and help people in their kitchens and our recipes are delicious and help families at meal times!  There is also no glass ceiling.  You can earn more money doing this than others make working for someone else.  You can also earn other things, such as trips, jewelry, appliances and gift certificates just for doing a good job!  No deliveries!  You do not make deliveries.  All products are purchased at your shows are shipped by Fed-Ex directly to the host.  No inventory!  You do not have to keep any products in inventory or purchase products each month.  This is wonderful because consultants do not have to spend money out of pocket in order to sell. 

What does it really take to get started?  It’s simple.  We fill out the form to order a kit or you can do that on-line.  You agree to do six shows and need to have the dates picked out for your first six shows.  Catalog shows count too!  Training material comes with your kit and I will make sure you know the dates for our next new consultant training. 

The American Dream – A self-owned business, keeping family first, while making a great income that we control.  It could be for you too!  At only $155 and over $500 in products, there’s surely no risk!  You owe it to yourself to at least check us out!

The Meal Planner’s Creed: Daily Cooking Inspiration and Feeding Young Children


The Meal Planner’s Creed: Daily Cooking Inspiration and Feeding Young Children

My family’s enjoyment of food is my responsibility; therefore- I will increase their pleasure by preparing a variety of dishes attractive in color and form and pleasing in flavor and texture.

 In MOST homes it is not convenient or practical for the children to eat meals entirely different from those that are prepared for the grown-ups. From the time the baby begins to receive solid food, the objective should be to teach him to like and to eat everything his/her parents eat, and in just the same form. Actually a child’s meal should be tailored to fit him or her just as their clothes are. What it does mean, is that food prejudices should not be allowed to develop in the growing child, if he or she is to grow up healthy, well-nourished and happy.

One of the most important influences on a child’s attitude toward food, I believe, is his or her parents attitude. If the father dislikes vegtables and says so, the child is likely to copy his father’s dislike and refusal of vegtables. (Parents are role models, our children at this age want to be just like us). If the mother dislikes some particular food and never serves it at home, the child will not become aquainted with it and may never learn to like it.

Parents who conquer their own food dislikes, lest they influence the children, are benefiting not only the youngsters but themselves in the long run; since it is difficult to eat a well-balanced diet if one has a number of food predjudes.

Noel’s Kitchen offers Cooking Workshops  focusing on “Kids In The Kitchen”  for familes, children’s classrooms, groups, and organizations.  For a small fee of $15 per child your child will receive a personalized tote with kid friendly kitchen tools and recipes to take with them. For more information, please contact .

The Family Cookbook

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 The Family Cookbook

I read somewhere that EVERY  homemaker, whether her family numbers two or ten, needs a book that is complete-one that will assist her with any type of meal-making problem.

It is very true, a good cookbook is like having an extra pair of hands to help with your cooking, a personal shopper to direct your buying, and a friendly dietician to guide your meal planning. A complete cookbook is to you as a homemaker what a dictionary and an encyclopedia are to a writer. No matter what problem confronts you, the answer will always be found between its covers.

Daily Kitchen Inspiration: The health of my family is in my care; therefore- I will spare no effort in planning meals containing the right kinds of food in the right amounts.

Rocky Road Cookies

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1 roll Pillsbury Refrig Slice n’ Bake  cookies, any flavor (sugar cookies)

15.4 ounce Pillsbury Creamy Fudge or Creamy Double Fudge Frosting Mix

1 cup minature marshmellows

1/4 cup butter

1/3 cup water

1/2 cup chopped nuts

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Grease 8 or 9 inch square pan. Slice cookie dough 1/4 inch thick and overlap slices in bottom of prepared pan. Bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes until lightly browned. Cool 15 minutes.

In medium saucepan, melt butter in water. Stir in frosting mix, blend well. Remove from heat and stir in marshmellows and nuts; spoon over cookie base and spread. Cool; cut into 24 bars.

The Cook’s Creed: Daily Kitchen Inspiration

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The Cook’s Creed: Daily Cooking Inspiration



I’m always rummaging through my cookbooks to get ideas not only on what to make but on ideas on what variety of foods that I can use for a meal to make it my own. But most important is the presentation of the food and how it taste.  If the food is not appealing to the eye, our palate will not enjoy it as it should.  Thus, this is my inspirational tip for the day……

My family’s enjoyment of food is in my care; therefore- I will prepare and serve all food as appealing to the eye and palate as I can.

The Meal Planner’s Creed: Daily Cooking Inspiration

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PhotobucketThe Meal Planner’s Creed: Daily Cooking Inspiration

We all need some inspiration in the kitchen once in a while, so I thought I would share some of mine with all of you. Every so often or even daily I’ll post little inspiration thoughts to inspire you in the kitchen.

Spending the food dollar to get the most for it is my job; therefore- I will choose foods from a wide variety, variously priced to save money without sacrificing health.

5 Ways You Can Save Money on Food For Your Family

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We’ve all heard about food prices rising, food shortages, and even hoarding. The following tips incorporate ways to utilize your High Quality Kitchen Products and save money on your food budget:

1. Buy fresh produce that is in season. If you go to a local farmer’s market, you’ll quickly learn what’s ripe. At grocery stores, check out what’s on sale, that’s usually a good indication of what is fresh and plentiful. You can easily transform your findings into a delicious dish.

2. Buy unprocessed foods. Unprocessed foods are fresh foods such as dairy, produce, grains, meat and fish. Anything else that is not in a raw state is usually processed to some degree. Most processed foods live in the center aisles at the supermarket. Items such as frozen dinners, snack foods, jams, even some bread can be so highly processed and have so many unfamiliar ingredients in it that some authors call “edible food like substances.”

3. Make it your own… sauces, casseroles, and soups that can be frozen especially in individual portions.

4. Roasted Vegetables is a basic building block recipe where the leftovers can be used for meals. Stored in the refrigerator, they can be used in salads, sandwiches, side dishes, on top of couscous, polenta or pasta for quick and tasty meals.

5. Make time for cooking. Pick a day of the week or weekend to make several things to store in the fridge so you aren’t tempted to go out or order in. Make something that can be “re-invented” several times so it stays interesting.

Noel’s Kitchen offers Affordable Meal Ideas to Individuals, Families and anyone who likes to eat.  Offering Meal Time Solutions to get you in the kitchen and meals on the table quickly with no hassle. Interested in a Cooking Workshop? Contact Noel’s Kitchen for further information.

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