Kids Cooking Classes~Teach Them Something Valuable AND Fun!

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If you’ve ever thought about having your children take a cooking class, I’m offering those classes to children of all ages. Research shown by the National Network for Child Care shows that children learn by touching, tasting, feeling, smelling, and listening. There is absolutely nothing better than sharing the experience of cooking with your children than right there next to you. There are lots of cooking programs out there for children, however it is imperative that you make sure that those classes also teach your children about eating healthy.

In Noel’s Kitchen for the Mini Chefs, I offer your children the most unforgettable program in which your little ones learn next to you, enjoy the experience of eating healthy and are able to use kids friendly kitchen tools which they will be able to keep. There is nothing better, than helping them learn techniques in the kitchen to select healthier meals while making it a fun experience.

I am very passionate about educating children and their families about family mealtime together and what a crucial part it plays in our children’s lives. Come join me for EXCITING kids cooking classes where your kids will not only learn good eating habits, but also whip up their own delicious masterpieces!  

I offer a whole lot more than what a typical school of cooking classes for kids can offer you and your little ones. Feel free to check my website and request more information on Cooking Classes for Children,  Adult Themed Cooking Classes, Specialty Desserts and Birthday Party Extravaganzas!

The Meal Planner’s Creed: Daily Cooking Inspiration and Feeding Young Children

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The Meal Planner’s Creed: Daily Cooking Inspiration and Feeding Young Children

My family’s enjoyment of food is my responsibility; therefore- I will increase their pleasure by preparing a variety of dishes attractive in color and form and pleasing in flavor and texture.

 In MOST homes it is not convenient or practical for the children to eat meals entirely different from those that are prepared for the grown-ups. From the time the baby begins to receive solid food, the objective should be to teach him to like and to eat everything his/her parents eat, and in just the same form. Actually a child’s meal should be tailored to fit him or her just as their clothes are. What it does mean, is that food prejudices should not be allowed to develop in the growing child, if he or she is to grow up healthy, well-nourished and happy.

One of the most important influences on a child’s attitude toward food, I believe, is his or her parents attitude. If the father dislikes vegtables and says so, the child is likely to copy his father’s dislike and refusal of vegtables. (Parents are role models, our children at this age want to be just like us). If the mother dislikes some particular food and never serves it at home, the child will not become aquainted with it and may never learn to like it.

Parents who conquer their own food dislikes, lest they influence the children, are benefiting not only the youngsters but themselves in the long run; since it is difficult to eat a well-balanced diet if one has a number of food predjudes.

Noel’s Kitchen offers Cooking Workshops  focusing on “Kids In The Kitchen”  for familes, children’s classrooms, groups, and organizations.  For a small fee of $15 per child your child will receive a personalized tote with kid friendly kitchen tools and recipes to take with them. For more information, please contact .

Cooking Workshops: Adult Cooking Classes

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We are all trying to pinch pennies right now.  Taking a cooking class can save you a lot of money in the long run.  Learn to cook something new rather than eat out. 

Noel’s Kitchen offers Adult Cooking Classes for groups, organizations, couples, friends and families.  The fee is $50 per person for a  2 hour class and payment is due 14 days before the class.  Classes can be held at a facility or you can invite your friends and family to your home for a day or night of fun and sampling of some great dishes.

Class includes $30 worth of high quality kitchen products you get to take home, your choice of class theme listed below and lots of great tips and new recipes that I will prepare right in front of you!  The cost of food is included in the fee.


Cooking Class Themes

Tired of the same old recipes?  Then come to my class and learn some fabulous recipes that you will never get tired of.  Plus, you get to takle home some high quality kitchen tools that will definitely help you in the kitchen.

Desserts - Luscious, easy to prepare desserts that will amaze your friends and family!  Last minute guests; serve up some simple yet delicious desserts that will have your guests begging for the recipe!  Don’t spend a fortune at your local bakery trying to bring the perfect dessert home, make your own in a minimal amount of time.

Main Dishes  - Try some new recipes that will have your family and friends asking for seconds and thirds.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to have gourmet foods that will satisfy even the pickiest eater.  Learn how you can whip up a meal in no time at all. 

Appetizers - Fun, delicious appetizers that you can make in a snap.  Beautiful colorful appetizers that will have your guests thinking you slaved in the kitchen for hours!  Fantastic appetizer recipes that you will use again and again!  Make a fabulous dip with only 3 ingredients!!

 Soups, Salads, Bread- Want to serve a yummy lunch or dinner at your home?  Don’t know what to serve?  Try some of these great tasting recipes that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds.  This is a great way to get your veggies into your diet and to learn some recipes that are light on calories.

For more information, please contact . dessert  Looking for some great high quality kitchen products? Visit

Cooking Workshops: Kids Culinary Adventures

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You know the pleasure you get from preparing and serving something that your family loves?  Children can experience the same satisfaction when they help prepare food for themselves, their friends, or the whole family.  It builds their confidence and self estem and you can get dinner done while spending quality time with them.  Just make it fun.  Kids will eat what THEY make! My daughter has always enjoyed being in the kitchen with me while I’m cooking.  Spending quality time with your children in the kitchen will be one of your child’s most treasured memories.

In fact, some professionals believe that cooking is as educational as it is exciting for children.  Helping to cook involves several valuable skills important to child development:

  • Planning a series of steps in process
  • Using mathematical skills to measure ingredients and time the cooking of foods
  • Reading and interpreting written instructions used in recipes
  • Expanding creative boundaries
  • Mastering teamwork when cooking with adults and other children

Noel’s Kitchen offers “Kids In The Kitchen” Cooking Workshops for familes, children’s classrooms, groups, and organizations.  For a small fee of $15 per child your child will receive a personalized tote with kid friendly kitchen tools and recipes to take with them. For more information, please contact .