I had intended on writing up a recipe or fitness post this morning but found myself thinking about the millions of woman who tackle health issues each and every day. To me these woman are Women Warriors. I am moved by how strong they are even when there is something so horrible trying to hold them back in life. When I was searching for photos for my post, I came across the image above and was deeply moved. Please click on the picture above and read the blog post at The Jewish Womens Archive…I hope it moves you too.

I am walking the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides For Breast Cancer Walk in October. I get to wake up just before the crack of dawn to drive an hour and 45 minutes to Sacramento, CA. where the walk takes place. Years prior people thought I was crazy getting up that early for a 5K walk but I didn’t care, I did it anyway. I get to walk with friends and my family. It seems to have become a family tradition. The kids have done it with me with no fuss or questions at all. We are making plans for all the pink things we will wear, (my husband and son usually wear something a little different ) like we are going to some awesome girly pink party…and we are…but I believe we will come out with SO much more.

I am going into this as someone who has always admired those who have walked, without a real grasp of why. I just do it. I have never personally been effected by Breast Cancer…I have friends and known others who have. It steals Moms, and sisters, and daughters. It steals wives, and Grandmas and BEST friends.

I am raising money for this walk, and while I would appreciate a donation (snazzy little pink ribbon donation button on the right) what I would prefer is that YOU WALK. Walk with me and my friends ( Team Babes For Boobs ) or look for a walk in a city near you.



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