It’s getting really close to the beginning of another year. Wowza! Time truly does fly by so fast when you’re older.  It’s hard to believe, we are just a few short days away from Christmas and many of you out doing some last minute Christmas shopping or making your traveling plans to see your families. But, let me ask you this… what happens after? Is anyone planning ahead? 

My fitness, health, weight loss and accountability team is gearing up for all of those New Year’s resolutions. For the first time since I started my clean eating and weight loss journey, I am actually challenging my comfort zone and starting something new. I’ve participated in other accountability challenges, but for this upcoming New Year, I’m taking the bull by the horns and jumping on board to start my own. How else will I grow and learn from others?

In the past my weight loss journey has been all about me trying to figure out what works best for me. For a while that method had worked just fine. I stayed in that little comfort zone for so long and everything became a habit. That was all fine and good as long as it worked. But what I hadn’t realized until a few short months ago, it truly wasn’t working.

In the past, I had always approached my weight loss solo. Over the past few months, I have learned that it’s absolutely okay to reach out for some extra help and support. No one judges me. I surround myself with like-minded positive people. Once I opened my mind to that, I found some amazing new resources at my fingertips and have made some pretty good friends. It’s now my time to pay it forward.

This new year I have challenged myself to step outside of my comfort zones and push myself towards better things. For 2015, I see myself having to change things up completely.

  • I want to share my progress more…what is and isn’t working for me a little more here. 
  • I want to reach out to more like-minded people and help support them in achieving their health and fitness goals in 2015.
  • I want to push myself more consistently and more frequently.
  • I want to stop and just enjoy the progress. I feel sometimes like I’m hopping from one goal to the next without celebrating the beauty that comes from reaching a goal. I want to learn to enjoy it.

So there’s my short list for the upcoming year. What are you working on?

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