The POWER To CHANGE How Your Story Goes

The POWER To CHANGE How Your Story Goes

YOU Have The POWER To CHANGE How Your Story Goes


Yes, YOU Have The POWER. I view personal development as a must for living your most vibrant and loving life. Yes, we can skate by with the bare minimum personal exploration from day by day, but when we get the courage to dig really, really deep, the transformation that happens is incredible.  

You have been provided with the power to choose how you live and what you experience in your life. You have the ability to choose consciously as well as the ability to choose unconsciously.

Whichever you choose will consistently provide and deliver, in tangible and measurable form, a quality of life that harmonizes with your individual choices…unconditionally, regardless of what you may have been previously taught and led to believe to this point. 

All the choices that you are currently and consistently making everyday, which are the result of your previous programming and conditioning, are the same choices that are determining your current results. They are the same choices that you have the power to change, whenever you choose to do so to create an entirely new life for yourself!

CHANGE How Your Story Goes

The choices that you make today are the choices that are going to determine and create what you see manifest in your physical world tomorrow.

Because I am constantly working on self, I feel so much inspiration and motivation to share what I am learning with others.  For these past few months, I felt like I was holding back not utilizing myself or my abilities and knowledge to the fullest potential. I didn’t quite know where I wanted to go or how I wanted to get there.  Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in limbo?

Then I realized, that I have the power to change how my story goes and all I really want is to be able to help other people live a better life in whatever form that takes for them.

And that’s exactly why I took the initiative to work on some small changes to change how my story goes by getting back out in the medical field. I’m now in an office setting while continuing my health and wellness coaching . I’m excited and maybe a little nervous but I feel it’s going to have a positive impact on myself and my family for the better and put me in a position where my passion for helping others continues. 


Each one of us has the power to change how his or her story goes. All you have to do… is BELIEVE you DESERVE BETTER!!!

Happy Saturday!!!

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