Why Choose Power Cooking? It Make Meals Faster and Saves Time!

Why Choose Power Cooking? It makes meals faster and saves time! Cooking meals “ten at a time” saves both time and money. You’ll have way fewer trips to the grocery store. Even a “quick trip” is very time consuming, plus you’ll have fewer impulse purchases, which saves you money and did I mention how much money you’ll be saving on gas?

It Make Meals Faster and Saves Time!

Many of the time-consuming tasks can be combined on one day, making your dinner much easier and quicker for the next two weeks. Saving money by making dinner easier so you eat out (or pick up take-out) less often is a really BIG savings. Plus, as I mentioned in previous articles, dinner at home, around your own table, really makes a difference in family life. Many studies show that numerous childhood “problems” are experienced at a significantly lower rate-based on how many meals the family eats together AT HOME.

Why Choose Power Cooking?

When I worked as a Pampered Chef Consultant, part of the company’s mission is bringing families together around the table. Part of my mission is making that experience “painless” by guiding you with the tools to make it easier!

Helpful hints for preparing:

  • Clean out your freezer and refrigerator the day before shopping and cooking.
  • Have a family meeting and plan your two week menu. (You may want to come up with 2 or 3 two-week menus, and than simply put them back-to-back to reduce boredom and repetition. Get your kids involved, have them create a menu for the week, with adult guidance of course to maintain nutrition in those meals. Once you have done the menu plan and the master shopping list, it’s a breeze to repeat it!) Choose dishes that freeze well.
  • Keep in mind that you won’t have to cook all the items on your menu ahead of time, only the food that needs a lot of preparation (or can be done easily in bulk) will be completed and frozen. For instance, if you are planning to grill hamburgers, you only need to shape the burgers and freeze them.
  • Use containers designed for freezing rather than cellophane, waxed paper or thin aluminum foil. Using the proper containers will keep your food fresh and help protect against freezer burn. Squeeze as much air as possible out of the container before freezing.

Create A List:

  • When making your shopping list, check your supply of freezer containers and/or freezer bags. Add them to your list if you are low. (You don’t want to do your shopping and come home and run out in the middle of preparing your meals).
  • It’s easier when making your shopping list to use pencil by going through each recipe that you select and listing the ingredients (even if you already have them). This is going to be your Master List. You will need to alter the quantity of many items on your list several times as you go through each of the recipes. (It’s easier to erase than scratch off and mark your list so you can’t read it, thus the reason for the pencil).

Create A System For Future Use:

  • Make photocopies of your final two lists to use for future menus.
  • When your list is completed, go through your freezer and cupboards, mark off any items you already have so you know you don’t need to purchase them.
  • Before shopping, clear off your counter tops, you will need the space!

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