What’s In Season: Eat Local Enjoy Smarter Living


 Now here’s a truly healthy meal time idea– Try cooking your family’s meals at home starting with fresh whole food ingredients. By buying your own whole foods, preferably organic, you have the utmost control over how the ingredients in your family’s meals are “processed.”

Want to try growing organic foods at home? It’s not too late to start gathering up ideas on how you can grow organic foods at home.

Cooked meals made from scratch at home also tend to be less expensive on the grocery budget.  And by using  many of my recipes, they can be fast, easy and affordable. So, don’t be surprised if you actually come to enjoy cooking  at home for your family and prefer what you can make simply, quickly and more cheaply than ordering take out or going out to eat.

You no longer have to wonder what’s in season in your neck of the woods. Simply choose your state and current month, and the tool below will generate a list to show you what’s in season at that time and place. There is also a tab for your local Farmers’ Markets. How great is that? You just type in your zip code and how far you’re willing to go, and it shows you the nearest markets. You do not need to press the go button on either tab. The list generates right after you enter both fields of information.…(Read more here.)



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