Weekly Menu March 13-19, 2011

There’s really no theme to this week’s meal plan other than trying out a few different recipes.  Today’s Sunday’s family meal is Pork Chops made in the slow cooker glazed with a honey soy sauce, served with rice, broccoli and homemade bread rolls. I thought I’d give everyone a head start on the meal plan for this week. A majority of the recipes will be made today and posted throughout the week so check back often. Now, let’s get cooking on this week’s menu:


Cinnamon Rolls
Breakfast Burritos
Cinnamon Breakfast Muffins
Breakfast Pizza


Hearty Bean Soup
Make-Ahead Saucy Sandwiches
Turkey Avacado Wraps
Bread Salad
Asian-Style Pork Noodle Salad


Porkchops, Rice and Broccoli
No Fuss Potato Soup
Slow Cooker Meat Loaf
Breaded Chicken Burgers
Smashed Potato, Leek and Cabbage Soup with Corned Beef
Pizza Night

Now it’s your turn! Please feel free to share what’s on your menu this week!


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Menu March 13-19, 2011”

  • Love, love, love all your tips! You are the busiest Mom I’ve ever seen! Thanks for everything! My question for you is…where did you get your meal planning Grid? I would love to use this also?
    Thanks Noel!

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