Weekly Meal Plan June 12-18, 2011~Easy Summer Meals

We are moving into our first full week of summer vacation and I’m planning out some new summer meals for dinner to make it easier to be in the kitchen with the warm weather and easier at meal times. This month has already started off busy for me personally with the new membership addition to the site, summer book club and life as a working mom and managing the family.

So, I’m really looking forward to relaxing a bit more this summer with the family. We may just take a break from it all and go camping up at Sawmill. Located just up past Bowman Lake, it’s a beautiful, quiet and great for fishing. Since we love our family meal times together, I am hopeful the family will enjoy these easy summer meals and we’ll create some great summer memories.

I am very pleased how my summer meals will work well with my freezer cooking.

Sunday: Beans and Mexican Rice

Monday: Coconut Shrimp, Green Salad

Tuesday: Bliss Between Bread~Family Sub Sandwiches, Veggies, Homemade Baked Potato Chips

Wednesday: Grilled Cod, Broccoli Gratin and Quinoa Pilaf

Thursday: Pasta Salad with Chicken Ranch Chicken Pasta Salad

Friday: Pizza Night; (Grilled Pizzas I hear they are really good!)

Saturday: Grilled Southwestern Chicken

Come back tomorrow to see what I cooked up this weekend and share what you’ve been doing, too, to fill your freezer.

Enjoy your family mealtimes!


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