Weekend Moments For A Busy Working Mom~Preparing For Another School Year

Preparing For Another School Year

I’m slightly saddened that our summer vacation has almost come to an end. We’re wrapping up our last “lazy days of summer” around here. Not quite sure what happened to the lazy part, but there sure has been a lot of summer happening since May 1st! 

A few days ago, I filled our family calendar with an outlook on all of our school year commitments, minimum days, holidays,  made room for PTC meetings and again for another child of ours, that week of 6th grade science camp.  Looking at the months ahead, they seem to all be as equally busy and I’m happy to pencil in our family vacation getaway at the end of this year. Instead of getting annoyed or stressed with our crazy schedule, I’m choosing to embrace the fact the we, especially the kids, are fortunate to do so many fun things this school year.

To make it a little easier, I’m planning on devoting some of my weekend time to refilling our freezer with some ready-bake breakfast scones, a few loaves of bread,  breakfast burritos and stocking our pantry with instant oatmeal packets, and I’m also making some pancake mix for the freezer this morning and chopping veggies and other ingredients for quick salads  to help me with my own lunches  this week.

So, I have a positive outlook and excited feeling on the week ahead and I’m looking forward to a new school year and what it brings for our children and our family.  There’s just something about the whole *idea* of fresh, white paper, newly sharpened pencils, and unopened boxes of markers that makes me giddy. 

Enjoy your first week back to school Moms!


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