Week 3 of the Just In Time Family Meal Planning Challenge!

Meal planning and make-ahead meals work together to make meal times easier.

Need ideas for your weekly meal plan? This week, for my Just In Time Family Meal Planning Challenge, I’m sharing my investment make-ahead cooking strategy which is guaranteed to save me time in the kitchen and add some excitement to my dinner menus. After a much needed trip to Costco this past weekend, I replenished my pantry and I’m ready to add more meals to my freezer.

My Weekly Meal Plan

First, we had a tasty recipe last night using a make-ahead ground beef mixture, which I then separated into approximately 2 cup portions for 2 other meals this week plus had extra leftover to add to my freezer.

Sunday: Tamale Pie using make-ahead ground beef mixture (recipe posting later)

Monday: Baked Pasta Penne  Simple Jambalaya (recipe posting later), Green Salad (leftovers will serve as lunch later in the week.)

Wednesday: Shepherd’s Pie

Thursday: Roast Chicken and Garlic (half the roasted chicken will be saved and used for White Lightening Chicken Chili recipe.)

Friday: Zesty Taco Ring Bake

Saturday: White Lightning Chicken Chili

 What’s cooking at your house this week?


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