Understanding Meals Children Will Eat…Usually

When your a parent, reading about feeding your children is one thing. Actually feeding them is quite another story. Their hunger styles may be slightly different than ours, and their taste buds may differ a considerable amount. Still, sometimes as a mom, it’s hard to watch them reject the meals you’ve spent time preparing and cooking. We’ve all battled our chiildren at the dinner table one time or another.  Too often the dinner table turns into this cold war-and you worry that your children will never eat a nutritional meal.

One way to avoid meal problems is to serve nutritious foods that your children really like. Here are some simple meal ideas your children may like.

  1. Top Ramen noodles with peas, broccoli or corn (as a soup or casserole); try adding sliced chicken breasts.
  2. Macaroni and cheese (basically any noodle with cheese.)
  3. Oatmeal with raisins, cinnamon or even applesauce.
  4. Burger/patties with a whole grain roll, ketchup and salad.
  5. Rice and nuts/seeds with vegetable side dishes (a little dip for veggies is okay.)
  6. Pizza (every child’s favorite, right?) use a whole-grain crust, spread with tomato puree, oregano and cheese.
  7. Potato pancakes with wheat germ. (Grate potatoes and an onion. Mix in egg, a little pepper, and a 1/3 proportion of wheat germ. Fry like a patty. Serve with some ketchup or a dollap of sour cream on top.)

These are just a few ideas if you find yourself struggling to get your children to eat their meals. Only you, know exactly what your children like and don’t like. Experiement with different foods and engage your children in the meal planning and cooking process. They get excited when they’re given the opportunity to help. You may find that your children like those meals you make more often.

Do you ever find yourself in a battle with your children at meal times? What are your solutions?


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