Garlic, Onions, Herbs & Spices Tips

Noel’s Helpful Kitchen Tips: From My Kitchen To Yours


Garlic, Onions, Herbs & Spices:

  • If you don’t have a clever container to keep your herbs in or have more herbs to store, keep them in a plastic baggie with a piece of paper towel. They’ll last longer. (If you’re looking for a clever container to store your herbs and keep them fresh longer, visit
  • When using dried herbs, rubbing them between your hands before adding them to the recipe will help bring out more of the oils and fragrance, making them more flavorful.


    • Treat parsley just like fresh cut flowers. Trim off 1/2 inch of stems and store as a bouquet in a tall glass filled halfway with water and a pinch of sugar. Cover loosely with a plastic bag and change the water every two days. 


Tips on preventing tears while chopping or slicing onions (use any or all)

  • Place a lit candle near your work area
  • Chew a piece of gum.
  • Place the onion in the freezer for ten minutes prior to cutting it.
  • Place onion inside a Chopper with the cover, and chop. This keeps the onion smell in the Chopper and lid instead of wafting through the air to sting your eyes.
    Chopped onions, raw or cooked, can be frozen in an airtight container for up to 3 months…the cooked onion can be tossed into dishes without thawing.
  • Quickly cut a medium-sized onion into wedges for a stir fry using a wedge for apples.
  • “Wash” your hands with a stainless steel item (like a spoon) to remove onion and garlic odors.garlic

Garlic Tips:

If you aren’t using fresh garlic, you’re cutting the flavor of your food by 50%. There is no substitute for fresh garlic in regards to flavor or health benefits. Garlic is TEN TIMES STRONGER when pushed through a press than a clove minced fine with a sharp knife.

Remember that one clove of garlic s one piece; a bulb is made of lots of cloves…if you use a whole bulb when a recipe calls for a clove; you’re either going out to dinner or keeping the vampires away!

When using garlic, be sure to keep the cloves attached to the root, rather than breaking off for storage. The longer they stay on the root, the longer your garlic will last. And the fresher it will be. When buying your garlic, you want to shop for tight bulbs and white.

Garlic eaten during pregnancy reduces the risk of pre-eclampsia. Studies show that it may also boost the birth weight of babies destined to be too small.
When used and grown in the garden, Garlic has been known to ward off many different types of animals and insects. It can also be a great defense against Tick bites and mosquito bites.

Have Garlic Breath?? Try chewing on a sprig of fresh parsley with lemon squeezed on it. Or eat a strawberry to cleanse your breath.

Did you know, garlic and its constituents can slow, or kill more than 60 different fungi and twenty types of bacteria? WOW!
When storing Garlic, it should be kept in a cool, dry, dark place like your cabinet.

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