The Power Of Intention

The Power Of Intention

Happy Thursday Everyone! We’re almost to the weekend! How is your Thursday morning going? Today is all about The Power Of Intention. More on that below but first,  our morning started with the beautiful sounds of birds in song chirping away and coaxing the sun to makes it morning rise. I’ll be busy getting the store ready for donations coming in that the hubby is picking up and my usual day of cleaning. I’ll check back in a few hours to report on today’s morning workout and meals. Sound good?

It feels great to finally have a working air conditioning again, for this summer. We turned it on for a bit yesterday evening when I got home from the store. It’s supposed to be in the high 70’s low 80’s here in the foothills and since we are in somewhat of a valley, it tends to heat up.  I’m hoping to have the pool ready for the kids this summer so they have something other than video games to spend their time with. With the warmer weather, it sounds like it going to be a smoothie, cold meals, raw lunch kind-of-day. And lots and lots of cold water. Ya, dig?

And on that note, I’m going to put a few bananas in the freezer.  Freezing tip: Peel the bananas BEFORE freezing them.  Once they are frozen, it’s nearly impossible to get the peel off.  I like to peel them then slice them up and put them in freezer bags.  

 Freezing Bananas

The Power of Intention

It’s time to get working!  I’m putting together a great arms/abs workout for today. Followed by a power walk later this evening when I get home from the store.  Just writing it is making me excited to work out!  I LOVE seeing my hard work pay off, especially in the midsection  

Fitness is one of those things that you can’t buy or rent, so when I see someone with an awesome body, and I read about other health and fitness coaches health and fitness success stories, I KNOW that they’ve put forth the effort to get to where they are.  Isn’t that admirable?

And just in case you need a little extra pep to get you going today…


This day is overflowing with possibilities. Set an intention, choose a direction, see the treasure that’s well within your reach, and go for it.  Just like a muscle, exercise your intention. Write it out daily — be detailed with your dream and set yourself deadlines; create a vision board. Make your intentions so ingrained that you’re beyond confident; that your actions become autopilot toward manifesting it.

What would it look like to shift your intention? Hope you have a wonderful morning!


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