The Magic Of A Cooking Session

The magic that solves the major dinner problem and puts that smile on your face at four in the afternoon is the accomplishment of a cooking session. Definition of a cooking session: anytime spent in the kitchen preparing food for more than one meal. This means cooking larger quantities of food than you need for a particular meal, and freezing the extra amounts for the future.  Here is an example of how simple a cooking session can be and what types of meals you can create. The meals are not intended to be eaten all in one week, but to be stockpiled in your freezer to be used as needed:

I’ve listed more than the usually amount of meals that have chicken as a result of my local Raley’s store having whole chickens on sale for $0.77lb.

My result: Using my slow cooker, I cleaned and put a whole chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and herb seasoning and 1 1/2 cups water in and turned it on low setting. Now, that’s out of the way for the time being, I can continue finishing this post, do any leftover dishes and get ready for work. This chicken will be used for tonight’s dinner, Chicken and Noodles and another Chicken Pot Pie for the freezer. Any extra chicken will be used for chicken salad or other chicken recipes.

Next, we’ll discuss more steps in the cooking session, portions and more samples of cooking sessions with menus.

 In the meantime, what other fabulous chicken dishes did you come up with?


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