The Family Meals Summer Book Club

Today is the first official day summer vacation kicks off for the kids. Summer is a great time to spend that quality time with the family. You may spend the time camping, hiking, entertaining, having fun at the lake, cooking more with your kids or just simply relaxing; summertime is for creating fun memories with your family.

For me, it means having some more free time to relax, have fun with the family and lounge around by the pool occasionally. Having kids, working full time, managing a home, planning meals and a website, etc. doesn’t always give me time or many of us moms time to sit down and read a good book; but I like to find the time to sneak in a paragraph here and there. I know there are other busy moms out there who do the same.  So, I’m excited about introducing The Family Meals Summer Book Club! As busy moms, we deserve a break once in awhile. I’m thrilled to be sharing some great books with all of you.

Since many of us have different schedules with our families when it comes to preparing meals, cooking, having our meals, trying new recipes and want more time for family, I thought it would be a fun and great idea to read and share books with my readers based on meal time, food, recipes & family related topics. To help us learn and think about the foods we love and our family on so many different levels. And of course, share with others. Maybe you know a trick or two that I don’t or vice versa.

So, here are my ideas:

At the begining of each month, I’ll announce in a post a list of books for us to read (suggestions are welcome, send me an e-mail There will be a variety to choose from and all the above topics will be chosen of course. Choose one to read or if your a rapid reader, choose them all. If you’ve already read the book, even better. You have an insight on the book and I’d love for you to start up the discussion I thought it would be fun to choose a book from every category which include:

Cookbooks (of course): Let’s cook together! Maybe review a recipe, or review the cookbook/author ( I have a few in mind).

Fiction: As I browse the book store, library or even the retail stores, I find books that include characters who share a joy for cooking, family and even include recipes throughout the book.

Non-Fiction: Let’s expand our knowledge on topics related to food, food choices, living a healthier lifestyle and spending quality family time.

Children’s Books: My favorite! There are lots of children’s books out there related to food, recipes, meal times and since I want to include my children in this adventure, I thought why not include them too?

Let’s share with everyone  in the group what your thoughts are on the books we’re reading. We can start the discussion on Family Meal Matter Cooking Club Facebook Fan Page and also by leaving comments after the posts. It will be a fun and informative way to share our thoughts on any one of the books featured so we can get a discussion going. You may laugh, you will may and you may totally relate to some part of the book.Each week on Friday, I’ll write a post update on at least one of the books featured so we can start the conversation. But by all means, feel free to jump right in and make a comment on the fan page. I hope you’ll join me in this fun book club!

I’m excited about starting the summer off with a book club (even if it is online) and hope you are too. I thought a giveaway a month might be kind of fun too! Feel free to spread the word on the book club and stay tuned for the book list on this Friday’s Kitchen Apprection.


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