The Choice Is Mine

The Choice Is Mine


the Choice Is Always Mine

Yes, I always have a choice. The choice is mine. Yesterday morning I shared that I woke up a little more tired than usual and totally slept in. Thanks to helping out my friend on his farm two days a week and my new client schedule,  I’ve been more sore than I’ve been in a long time. So what did I do? I started rationalizing not working out or going for my morning walk.

The Choice Is Mine 

I started to sabotage myself and my goals. I will do the workout later and go walking tonight (no, you’re going to run errands with your client and then you’re taking your daughter to a babysitting interview).

I’m too sore, I can’t bend my knee or twist my hips (no, you’ll be more stiff and sore if I don’t move and loosen up my muscles and really, you’re not that sore).  

I have things I need to do on the computer (those “things” are not your priority right now and will not move you toward your goal).

Then, I stopped the excuses. Time to turn that around and make the day amazing!! I can make a choice that 1. I will regret and 2. I will keep sabotaging myself and I will not move me forward to reach my goals. Or I can make a choice that will be best for me physically and emotionally. I can make the choice to look past the excuses.

Do you have goals and dreams but you struggle to make them happen?? Did you know the only thing standing in your way is you?? Get out of your own way!! Stop sabotaging yourself!!  Go out there and make them happen!

Every morning we wake up. The choice is mine. Everyday we have a choice.  


For the record, after I had that conversation back and forth in my head, I got up, posted the pic above on my Facebook page,  worked out, did a little computer work and ate my breakfast. I know this was the right choice. 

Be the best version of YOU 


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