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Cooking For Busy Moms

Are you a busy Mom?  The summer has come to an end and it’s time to get the kids back in school. That means juggling carpools, PTA meetings, sports, after school activities, and homework help. Do you find yourself looking at the fridge after a busy day thinking “What’s the pizza guy’s number?”


Fast Recipe Ideas For Busy Moms On The Go

If you are on the go, these recipe ideas will fit into your busy life, so put on your aprons busy moms and bring out the spatulas. Wonder Mom is here!  Imagine if you were able to cook once and eat all week.  Imagine the time you’ll save- the meat is cooked, the recipes are planned and on busy nights, you just tie it all together. Everyday cooking for a busy mom can be challenge but with investment cooking you don’t have to worry about what’s on the dinner menu.

Here’s how it works. Prepare more meat than necessary for one meal, and than freeze the remaining meat for use in later recipes. It’s a life-saver on those extra busy days.

For example, brown 10 pounds of ground beef at one time fo a Hearty Meat Sauce as a base for Beef Tostadas, Taco Salad, Saturday Stroganoff, Chili Bread Bowls, Busy Day Casserole, Sloppy Joes and Pasta Roll Ups.

Choose a day, once a week, during the weekend, or a day that works best,  make triple the amount of one type of meat.

Review your weekly grocery store ads, most grocery stores put out their weekly specials on Wednesdays just in time to plan on a your shopping list.  Purchase items on sale.  Be sure to check your pantry and write down any necessary spices or rubs that your recipe calls for. This help avoid duplicating what you already have.

Shop on one day and do your cooking the next. Set out everything you need in regards to kitchen tools ahead of  time. This will save you time when preparing.  The day of, chop vegetables such as carrots, celery, onions or mushrooms. Than move on to meat preparation.

Cooking Tip: Try cooking three meats together in a Roating Pan and get a head start on your recipe preparation for the week. all meats should be close in weight to ensure cook times are the same.

Stay tuned for another episode of: The Adventures of Cooking:Dinner Tonight.

One site I also recommend for once a week cooking tips is Once A Week Cooking.
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