Kids In The Kitchen~Teach Them Something Valuable AND Fun!


If you’ve ever thought about having your children take a cooking class, I’m offering those classes to children of all ages. Research shown by the National Network for Child Care shows that children learn by touching, tasting, feeling, smelling, and listening. There is absolutely nothing better than sharing the experience of cooking with your children than right there next to you. There are lots of cooking programs out there for children, however it is imperative that you make sure that those classes also teach your children about eating healthy.

Noel’s Kitchen Tips for the Mini Chefs, offers your children the most unforgettable program in which your little ones learn next to you, enjoy the experience of eating healthy and are able to use kids friendly kitchen tools which they will be able to keep. There is nothing better, than helping them learn techniques in the kitchen to select healthier meals while making it a fun experience.

I am very passionate about educating children and their families about family mealtime together and what a crucial part it plays in our children’s lives. Come join me for EXCITING kids cooking classes where your kids will not only learn good eating habits, but also whip up their own delicious masterpieces!  

I offer a whole lot more than what a typical school of cooking classes for kids can offer you and your little ones. Feel free to check my website and request more information on Cooking Classes for Children,  Adult Themed Cooking Classes, Specialty Desserts and Birthday Party Extravaganzas!


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