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Currently October 2017 {What I’m Loving Lately}

Currently October 2017 {What I’m Loving Lately}

Happy Friday Everyone! This week has allowed us to get back into some sort of normalcy. And WOW! Can I just say we’re at the tail end of another month gone zipping by. But I have to say, Currently…

Currently September 2017 {Excited For Fall}

Currently September 2017 {Excited For Fall}

Happy Friday Everyone! It’s been a fairly good week  for our family. Currently September has been fairly easy to get into. Unfortunately, for some in our community, they had to fret over the…

Friday Family Favorites {Life Lately}

Friday Family Favorites {Life Lately}

Today I’m sharing my Friday Family Favorites. These are some of our family’s fun memorable moments as well as what’s going on with our lives lately. This Friday feels like we hit a huge milestone.  It’s marks the month we officially have two high schoolers. And a month with really no plans as we jump start our summer vacation. Bey hey that’s ok, we kicked off the month with busy end of the year field trips, 8th grade celebration and with an 8th grade graduation. Our youngest is now joining her brother as a high schooler!

//confetti falls from the air//

But we’re all ready to balance it all out with some down time. So bring on a weekend of some serious chill time and celebrate Father’s Day with a Sunday family picnic or BBQ (sunglasses emoji here).

Friday Favorites


Blogging: I chose this as one of my Friday Favorites, because it was something that I really enjoyed doing. At the beginning of the month I had mapped out ideas in my EC Life planner what I wanted to try and post but here we are in the smack dab middle of June and I haven’t posted but once. Life gets in the way I suppose, priorities change or something unexpected comes up.

My non working days outside of the home are Sundays and Mondays so I’m hoping to find some quiet time to write. But to make a long story short, yes I’m back to blogging. I’ve missed it! So I’m getting back full throttle and hopefully I can get a post in a few times a week. Balance is definitely key, I think. I want to feel like a super girlboss that could take on the world and maybe someday take my blog full time again, not just every other day or here and there, but I also want to stay me. I want to remind myself WHY I started blogging and what I originally wanted my blog to be.

EC Life Planner

I just picked up these colorful gel pens because I just need more colorful pens in my life. 


Our daughter may even join in on a post here and there sharing her thoughts and ideas on health, wellness, recipes,  family and just being a teen. She just loves photography so she just may share random stuff she finds of interest. Isn’t she just beautiful! (yes, I’m a bragging mom)


Sierra graduated 8th grade! She had been at her elementary school since preschool. The whole graduation was wonderful and a little emotional. She’s grown into a beautiful young lady inside and out. And I don’t think I mentioned before, she wants to become an architect engineer. 

8th Grade Graduation

Big brother is a junior now and unfortunately, won’t be able to show little sister around the high school campus. She’ll be going to Ghidotti which is an early College/High School across from Nevada Union High School. She was accepted into the school and we couldn’t be more proud of her.


A Healthy Recipe of the Week. Sunday mornings when I don’t have to rush off to the clinic, we start our day with a Sunday morning family ritual of having a healthy breakfast together. I miss recipe cooking. I have still been cooking, but more throw-some-things-together-and-call-it-dinner rather than following legit recipes to make a cohesive meal. Especially a healthy one!

Sweet Potato Hash

And of course we always try to go for a healthy choice at dinner time. We’ve slacked off big time but now we’re getting back into those healthy eating patterns.



Gardening. Oh how I love being outdoors on the farm. We’ve had lots of rain these past winter months and now the sun is shining and everything is starting to grow, grow grow. We’ve made some delicious smoothies with he strawberries!

Grow your own strawberries

And the tomatoes are growing like crazy right now. We have always been lucky with growing tomatoes. I’ll have plenty of my Grandma’s Tomato Sauce in the pantry come winter.


Walking. I haven’t mentioned I finally broke down and bought a FitBit Charge 2 during the last few days of our family’s Disney trip. We did so much walking that I felt my steps needed to be acknowledged. Plus, I can earn savings by getting rewarded for using it.My walk to the park yesterday was just gorgeous!

Ok guys, I’m out for the weekend. R&R is the name of the game!

But first let’s catch up…

What has been going on in your life? Any trips? Fun outings? Great recipes?

Are you doing anything special to celebrate Father’s Day this weekend?

” Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links through Amazon. I have purchased all of these items on my own because we need them, however, I do receive a commission if you purchase these items through the provided links.”

The Reasons Why We Love Life Lately

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