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Well we will have completed our 3rd week in our holiday challenge group before the Thanksgiving holiday. Getting up at 5:00am to work my butt off literally with the 21 Day Fix and drinking Shakeology daily! I love it, what a fantastic 30-minute workout that can be done at home and on my time! The best part of being a part of this challenge group is working together as a team and supporting each other. Everyone is working together with the same common goal, to make changes and lead a healthy lifestyle for life. We are holding each other accountable with our workouts and sharing out fitness and meal planning tips. Different challenge groups are brought together monthly. They range from 21, 30 or a 60 day challenge. Are you willing to give it a try? What have you got to lose? I will tell you, you will lose inches and pounds and gain a whole new respect for yourself.

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