Stocking Your Pantry For Emergencies: Is Your Family Ready?

Stocking Your Pantry For Emergencies

kitchen pantry     Is your pantry stocked for emergencies?  If not learn how Stocking Your Pantry For Emergencies can prepare you and your family for those unexpected disasters. With fall here and the winter months just around the corner, many of us can be expect power outages. As the rain and snow begins to fly, the wind blows harshly and the cold temperatures start to settle in, this is when you can expect a power outage to occur.


ist1_9051379-stormy-weather-ahead-road-sign    The weather is one thing you can’t control. But you can control how you and your family are prepared for emergencies and bad weather conditions.

ist1_9029504-stormy-road-ahead   For the past couple of days, we have experienced rain and heavy winds which caused a power outage on our ranch and for other residents in our town. Electrical outages can cause some major problems and it’s a good idea to be fully prepared when you literally find yourself in the dark.

Is Your Family Ready?

You should always stock up on the essentials like batteries, candles, water, blankets and warm clothes. Usually during a power outage, you will not be able to cook if your appliances are electric. I highly recommend keeping on hand a propane barbecue or a good camping stove. (Not to be used indoors.) Consider buying a solar oven for cooking without fuel. Some people have homes with a wood stove that’s great for cooking on. Generators are also useful for running a refrigerator and a freezer to keep foods fresh. If you are on a well system, your pump usually runs off electricity and if there is a power outage, the water pressure will only last a short period of time. Always be sure to keep extra water on hand in a cool, dry place.

Stockpiling Food

food     Food is one of the primary issues during a power outage.  Your kitchen pantry should be stocked at all times. I like to stock up on dry and canned foods while they are on sale. Canned meats that can be eaten cold are an excellent pantry item addition. Include in your emergency pantry, plenty of vegetables, fruits and grains and powdered milk. Soups are excellent choice to keep on hand.  For the kids, boxed juices are always a good idea. Items that do not require refrigeration can be kept in a designated spot for easy access or simply designate a storage space in your garage. Anything that does not require refrigeration will keep you and your family fed until your power is fully restored.

By simply adding to your shopping cart, a few more cans of soup, vegetables, canned meat and some bottles of water every time you go shopping, you will build up a nice emergency food supply.  There are many ways to prepare for emergencies. You don’t have to go out and buy everything at once. 

images    Sit down with your family and make a list of the necessities and start stocking up on items a little at a time.  Before you know it, you won’t have to make any last minute trips to the grocery store before the winter weather hits.



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