Stocking My Pantry By Home Canning

Stocking My Pantry By Home Canning

Home canning is a great way to help your family be more self-sufficient. Stocking My Pantry By Home Canning not only preserves the foods you eat most often but it saves you money.

Home Canning Tomatoes

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Canned tomatoes can last for quite some time, unopened, in the pantry. With the abundance of tomatoes growing in our garden this year, I started thinking about how I could preserve them so we could enjoy them without the worry of them going rotten and mushy so quickly. I immediately thought about home canning.

Not all of my tomatoes are ready for picking, so I won’t have a huge batch for a red sauce. Right now, I’m working on canning tomato soup, then with next ripe batch, I’ll start on a red sauce for pasta, pizza and stews. I’ll discuss how this turns out when I’m finished. The sauce turned out amazing!

Home Canning

Through home canning, you know exactly what ingredients are in the food that your family eats. I believe many home canning families agree, the flavor of the home canned beats the flavor of the store bought. 

I had a pressure cooker awhile back that was given to me and I never used it so I got rid of it. Little did I know, I would be in the interest of canning. So now, I’m starting  from scratch using a Boiling Water Bath method by using a large stockpot.

My kitchen is already stocked with most of the utensils needed to process with this method. If I still need to purchase  items for canning, I found the hardware stores have the best deals on canning supplies and right now is the perfect time to buy them.

Just the other day, I picked up 2 cases of quart-sized jars at 2 for$20 the other day and our other local hardware store has pint-sized jars at 2 cases for $11. This hardware store also has canning classes available in which I may find the time to sign up for a few.

Here’s a list of the basic list of canning equipment needed to start…
  • Wooden Spoons – you’ll need them for stirring, mixing and measuring
  • Knives – for peeling and cutting
  • Food Brushes – gotta get all the dirt, soil and insects off beforehand
  • Sauce Pan – to heat the lids
  • Measuring Cups – for both dry and liquid measuring
  • Colander or Strainer – pretty self-explanatory
  • Timer – needed to accurately measure all processing times
  • Scale – measure exact amount of ingredients
  • Boiling Water Bath…aka Big ol’ Stock Pot – tall enough to allow for 4 inches above your jars
  • Jar Funnels – ’cause this stuff is extremely hot!
  • Jar Lifter or heavy duty tongs – see above, really hot!
  • Bubble Freer – anything wooden or plastic small enough to reach along the sides of the jars (I use my skinny silicone scraper
  • jars – buy new or use older ones that are free of cracks or chips
  • Lids – use new only

This is the beginning of my how I’m starting to stock my pantry by home canning.

How many of you are “canners”??  What do you love to can?  Feel free to leave helpful tips and comments in the comment section to help us newbies!


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