Rock-A-Doodle In The Kitchen

Since our little farm of chickens and ducks started shortly after we moved to the sierra foothills, we’ve enjoyed fresh farm eggs and life on our little farm. The animals all have their own personality that you grow to love. My favorite has always been our roosters. They have such a sense of protection over the flock and are always strtting their stuff around the pen. After we started our farm, I started collecting certain things that had to do with roosters or chickens. No, I’m not obsessed like most people would be. I do have a farm style curtain with chickens and roosters above my kitchen sink window and a few cow pictures, but that’s it.  Everyone I believe in some way or another likes to collect things like cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, pink girlie gadgets, or cars if your like my husband (for the dads out there) or just something that makes you happy. I enjoy roosters and chickens.

While I was at the local hospice a few weeks ago, I spotted a dishware set for 6 in a box. You hardly ever find a complete set of dishware for 4 let alone 6. Perfect for our family size.  I rarely look at dishes because I have so many already. But this set really caught my eye. Guess what they were. Go ahead, guess!

Yup, Rooster dishware by Kennox. Something was telling me I just had to get this set.

Rock-A-Doodle In The Kitchen

If you’re a frugal thrift shopper, than you know items go quickly and you have to snatch them up quick. Unfortunately, I forgot my checkbook and wasn’t carrying my purse because I was just going for a quick walk. But something told me to go in and check out the store. I left the thrift store feeling bummed, and thought if it was meant to be they’d be there the next day waiting for me. The next day, I walked into the thrift store shortly after they opened and to my surprise they were still there. BAM! I purchased this cute Rooster dishware set for 6 for only $20.

So, don’t be surprised if you see some of my recipes served on this dishware.

Do you ever come across thrifty kitchen finds? I’d love to hear about them!


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