Preserving the Bounty of Your Herb Garden

The joy you get from an herb garden partially comes from being able to snip a few leaves whenever you want some fresh herbs in your lunch or dinner. Most of your herb plants will grow bushier for having been snipped back at regular intervals. This past weekend, I was able to spend a little bit of time in our family garden tending to herbs in the garden.

If you cut back a half to two-thirds of the herb plants, most of them will produce a second or third harvest. Always harvest your herbs into a paper bag or an open basket, and not in plastic, which could cause overheating and deterioration or possibly cause them to mildew. After your harvesting of the herbs, immediately start the washing and drying process to keep your herbs at top quality.

In this month’s newsletter, A Busy Mom’s Kitchen, subscribers learned how to harvest your fresh herbs from the garden and what if you’re producing more herbs than you can possibly use?

Mix chopped fresh herbs with melted butter, olive oil and garlic and freeze in ice cube trays.

All herbs can be frozen. Package small quantities in moisture-vapor proof containers. I like to use the tupperware ice trays I have with lids for this.

Why I Freeze Herbs?
Just about every soup, saute or sauce begins with the combination of these things: butter and/or olive oil and garlic.  With some herbs adding to the flavor, you’ve got yourself an easy base to many of your recipes.


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