Our Little Farm Is Growing:Raising Chickens

Our Little Farm Is Growing:Raising Chickens

We’ve been raising chickens for the past four years now. Raised strictly for their fresh eggs, they are a joy to have;especially if raised from chicks. I love how they fit into the cycle of growing and life.  

Our Little Farm Is Growing

I just recently picked up a couple more roosters (Tony Hawk and Melbourne) who are brothers. They are silkie frizzle (Sizzles) and are quite a pair. They take turns crowing back and forth. This morning it started around 4am. If you’re someone who’s not used to the crowing in the early hours of the morning, this can ruffle your feathers. Personally, I don’t mind it. I get up early every morning, so it’s like having an alarm without the snooze button. To go along with them, I also picked up 8 more hens. They are around 6 weeks old. We haven’t named any of them yet, however one reminds me of Gonzo from the muppets.

Raising Chickens

The new chickens will be introduced to the rest of the flock within the next few days. The chicks will stay separated for awhile longer until they are big enough to defend themselves if needed. Newers chickens usually spend most of their day hiding in the corners and learning fairly quickly to run and move quick if passing by another chicken.

Chickens really do have a pecking order and every time another chicken(s) is added to the flock they need to re-establish this order! It kind of reminds me of watching a new kid in school. Which group approves you to hang out with them and not get picked on. I’m hoping they’ll fit in nicely with the rest. We’ll keep a close eye on them for a week or so until they become familiar with their surroundings. This year, I’m not allowing them to “free range” as much because of the coyotes and raccoons.

So we will see what today brings…hopefully a great day for them all!!


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