One Change At A Time To Better Health

One Change At A Time To Better Health

Baby steps are the way to get to a lasting, sustainable change. Join me in challenging yourself to become a healthier you. One change at a time to better health. 


When I hear people say “I can’t”, many times it really means “I’m scared.”  And I get it!  I haven’t always lived the healthy fit lifestyle I do now.  For many years of my life, my diet consisted of bread and cheese, unbalanced meals, pizza on Fridays, and sweet or salty snacks whenever I wanted them.

Sure I was cooking meals at home but not really always paying attention to the calories. And then one day, as I was groggily walking through life, battling my inner self, and feeling sluggish all the time and not wanting to do anything,  I realized that I needed to turn my health around. I needed to start taking care of me.

Changes Can Make A Big Difference

Slowly I began to try new foods, change the way I was grocery shopping and eating (more cooking, use fresher cleaner ingredients) and today I have found a happy balance of good eats, sweet treats I can enjoy without the guilt and movement! 

I’ve dedicated my life to helping others do the same way. Not through silly weight loss competitions that get quick results that never last, or over-the-counter diet pills, but through small and effective lifestyle changes that you can keep up, and will want to keep up!  It’s fitness, food and happiness, all in one!

So join me in challenging yourself to become a healthier you – one change at a time!

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