Noel’s Kitchen Tips:What’s For Dinner Week Of April 26-30 2010

Magnificent meals can be created outdoors in a matter of minutes. This week we’re trying new recipes with the grill and adding to our family dinner favorites.

This week for dinner:

Monday: Double Decker Turkey Burgers, Quick Baked Beans, Tomato Vegetable Salad, and Brownies 

Tuesday: Garden Ravioli (A very easy recipe-prepared Won Ton wrappers are used instead of homemade pasta; these are easy to use and save time.) Served with a Green Salad and Feta cheese.

Wednesday: Bread Bowl Chili with Homemade Bread Bowls (Serve with shredded cheese, green onion topping, sour cream and olives.)

Thursday:Mexican Medley Salad (A healthier Chicken fajita dinner made in a matter of minutes. Serve the fajita fixings over a bed of lettuce to create a wonderfully delicious Mexican Medley Salad.)

Friday: Family Grill Night-Grilled Steak with Buffet Style Baked Potatoes (Buffet-style layout so that each person can do their own toppings, which can include cheese, broccoli, chili, bacon, butter, sour cream, chives and anything else that might top a potato.)

Recipe Note: Remember, if you try a new recipes at least once a week, your regular list of family favorite meals will grow and can be rotated throughout the month and repeated as often as you wish. **Beef Brisket was on sale at the grocery store.

We had such beautiful weather here in the Sierra Foothills, we decided to enjoy a nice Sunday barbecue. Sunday Night’s Dinner was Grilled Beef Brisket and Shrimp with a variety of Grilled Vegetables. Leftover Grilled Vegetables are added to Monday night’s meal plan for the Tomato Vegetable Relish.

I’ll be adding leftover Beef Brisket to the Bread Bowl Chili recipe on Wednesday night.

As always, my quick and easy recipes for Busy Moms can be found on my website Noel’s Kitchen Tips.
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