Noel’s Kitchen Tips Clean Eating Grocery List

Noel’s Kitchen Tips Clean Eating Grocery List

Noel’s Kitchen Tips is now clean eating, processed food free and wouldn’t have it any other way. Here is our family’s Clean Eating Grocery List to help you stay on track with healthy eating.

After starting my clean eating journey in August 2014, I noticed that I started to feel better. I wasn’t as tired, my body didn’t feel bloated and I had more energy to tackle my day-to-day-routines. It’s been four months strong of clean eating without any “cheat meals” and I revamped my entire eating habits and daily exercise routine and I have never in my life felt better.

I get asked frequently about the things I eat and my family eats on a typical day, and how others can start adding eat clean foods into their diet so I thought I’d share my grocery list. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that when grocery shopping, the items in my cart rarely change. I’m a creature of habit, and the clean foods in my cart are now my comfort foods.


Cleaning Eating Grocery List


Chicken breast- organic is best and with fat trimmed before I either bake it in the oven or grill

Ground Extra Lean Turkey breast- the leaner the better or I’ll get the pre-made Turkey Patties when they are on sale

Fish- cod, tilapia, salmon





brussel sprouts




red  and green bell peppers

sweet potatoes


spinach leaves

mixed greens




tomatoes, lots of them for making my homemade restaurant style blender salsa. I also stock up on canned tomatoes for back up.

garlic, lots of it. I use at least 3-5 cloves just for making my homemade creamy garlic dressing

green onions

red and yellow onions

spaghetti squash


apples, green and red

bananas, lots and lots of bananas; we cut them up and freeze them to add to our Shakeology…Yum!


Depending what fruit is on sale, I get a variety of:







Healthy Fats:


natural raw almonds  for making homemade almond butter 

natural peanut butter (Adams’s is my favorite) 

extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)

coconut oil

Dairy: these are the only (kind of) dairy products that we eat

non-flavored plain greek yogurt

almond milk or I will on occasion make my own homemade almond milk

coconut milk  (yes this is technically dairy free. But it’s most definitely found in the health food refrigerator or regular dairy section of the grocery store! 🙂 )



brown rice


ezekiel bread (found in the health food refrigerator section of the grocery store)


I use all the regular spices like parsley, basil, cumin, chili powder, black pepper, etc (during the summer, it’s easier to use fresh from the garden :))

Himalayan salt

Sea salt

nutritional yeast (great on popcorn!)



These are foods that I typically always have in my kitchen and my family now eats on a routine basis. You’ll notice an overall pattern regarding these foods-the majority are on the periphery of the grocery store. Thinking about sticking to the outside of the grocery store where most of the fresh produce and meats are is an easy way to make sure you’re eating clean!

Do you see an ingredient not on my list that I may have forgotten? What’s on your family’s clean eating grocery list?



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