New Feature-Printable Grocery List and Meal Plans!

I love to meal plan! Discovering new foods and ways of cooking is a fun and a rewarding hobby of mine. So that’s why I’m excited to finally be able to introduce a new feature on Noel’s Kitchen Tips. I’ve been wanting to offer my readers and add to the Noel’s Family Meals membership for so long but never found one with features I liked or thought would be beneficial to busy families in helping make meal planning easier.

My recipe index is expanding and I finally have a new system for sharing meal plans, grocery lists, nutritional information and a place for my readers and members to store your favorite recipes. It’s extremely easy to use and I believe you’ll enjoy this new feature.

Say Hello To Say Mmm!

I’m happy to introduce I’ll be adding the meal planning service with tools on Say Mmm to help me in planning meals and sharing with you. With this feature, you’ll be able to organize your favorite recipes and shop easily for groceries. There’s many useful tools to help busy families like you, including the printable grocery list feature that is absolutely FREE!

Soon, you’ll be able to find a printable grocery list next to each recipe on my Recipe Index. You’ll notice that when you click on “print grocery list” beside the recipe you like you’ll be taken to the Say Mmm site where you can either edit the grocery list or print it off.  Even better, the fun doesn’t end there because once you have one recipe added you can keep adding recipes to it.  When you are done, you simply print the full list off and away you go to the grocery store. You even have the option to play around with the format or save your list for another time.  However if you do want to save your list you will need an account, otherwise you don’t.  It’s so easy to use and I’m thrilled to offer this menu planning feature to my readers.

Here are some features you’ll find with using Say Mmm.

Meal Planning Calendar

Easily Plan meals, and view by week or month

These features make it easy to create your meal plans with your favorite recipes in an online calendar you can view from your computer or smart phone. You can even post the weekly menu on the refrigerator so the whole family can easily see what the weekly meal plan is. View your recipes from any computer, from home or a friend’s house, and even from your phone in the store.

 Smart Grocery Lists

Simplify how you create and use grocery lists wherever you are

The free online grocery lists have several smart features. You can add popular items your family uses frequently, automatically add all the items you need for a recipe or the meals you’ve planned. It even lets you have your list organized by store and area of the store, and more! Are you excited yet?

Recipe Organizer

You can view, search and sort your favorite recipes

Keep all your recipes and links in one place, so they are easy to find when you need them. Search through recipes by name or keyword, and organize your recipes by course, cuisine, and other notes.

Say Mmm also lets you do more with your recipes…just click to add them to meal plans and shopping lists. For new ideas, there are some daily suggestions and you can exchange ideas privately with friends, like your own private social network for recipes.

There’s lots of great features in store for you!

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