My Favorite Low-Calorie Substitutions

As much as I can, I try to prepare meals that are nutritious and healthy for my family. When I want delicious meals that are nutritious and low in calories, I try substituting foods. The following list is some of my favorite-low-cal substitutions to save on calories.


Instead Of: Try:
Spaghetti Bean sprouts, French-cut green beans, Spaghetti squash (a tasty low-calorie food)
Mayonnaise Yogurt (especially good in salad dressings
Sour Cream Low-calorie imitation sour cream, plain, low-fat yogurt; low-fat cottage cheese, blended smooth
Whipped cream Non-dairy topping; chilled evaporated milk (whipped)
Whole milk Skim 2% or 1% butterfat milk, or nonfat dry milk (reconstitued)

Are there any Low-Calorie Substitutions you use when making meals for your family?


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