Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Monday is the day to be back at your passion. Here’s to starting the week off with a little Monday Motivation. I’m going to be completely honest with you, it isn’t easy. There are no magic formulas, no magic pills or diets. It takes real dedication and hard work. When it comes to reaching fitness goals, nobody has it easy. Like most things, you get back what you put into it. There’s no way to cheat the system so ditch the crazy diets & workout routines that you can’t maintain! Take fitness one step, one day, one moment at a time and you will not only reach your goals but in the process you’ll create a fit lifestyle that you can keep up with!

Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Learn to Love Your Body, No Matter What! You have something amazing to contribute to this world, and your body is your vehicle to do that. No matter your size, love your body for what it allows you to do.Don’t ever look at someone else and compare where you are with where they are. Everyone is at a different point in their journey and all of our bodies respond differently to lifestyle and exercise changes.

You’ve got a brand new week ahead to achieve goals, sweat more gripe less and leave your fears in the dust. GO!

Weekly Goals

Set your goals for the week then create an action plan to achieve them.  Here are my goals and my plan too…


  • Eat less than 30g sugar, daily
  • Workout 6 days this week
  • Get 7-8hrs sleep every night

Action Plan

  • Prep fresh foods for the week
  • Think about what dinner will be each night and have meat & veggies prepped
  • Workout 6 days: Sun- Pilates, Mon- Upper Fix, Tues- Lower Fix, Wed- Yoga, Thurs- 30min Intervals w/ weights & 5 mile walk, Sat- Cardio

Encourage everyone as they take their journey through weight loss! But most importantly, be proud of YOU!


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