Memorial Day BBQ:Celebrating With Family

We didn’t entertain much yesterday as we were re-cooping from our daughter’s birthday celebration on Saturday. She turned 8. Although sometimes, it’s as though she’s 16. But she’s our baby girl and my little angel. I just wish time didn’t fly by so fast. Those of you who are fans of Family Meals Matter Cooking Club on Facebook got to see pictures of the Tangled theme birthday cake I made for her birthday. It turned out pretty good, moist and light despite how many layers and how much frosting I used. It sure put a smile on her face when she saw it. I would do a few things differently like make sure I use cake pans that are completely round. This helps them stack even and better.

Despite the indifference of weather, all weekend long we enjoyed a BBQ celebration with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, potato salad, grilled corn and watermelon. We even made room for a huge batch of spaghetti and homemade bread rolls. We also enjoyed banana sundaes served in these cute waffle cones I picked up at the local thrift store.

Here’s the Tangled theme birthday cake. I’ll share the recipe soon.

This week, it’s back to the drawing board. No, I didn’t set this week’s menu in stone. In between BBQ, Birthday Celebration and spending time with the family, I seemed to manage to sneak in some time to work on Noel’s Family Meals; a meal planning subscription for busy mom’s and their families. Yes, there are others out there. I’m bringing a bit different and unique approach to my readers and members. Just take a peak and you’ll see. Meal times are more than just eating and getting something on the table quickly and certainly more than just dinner. Let’s bring family meal times back to the table and create wonderful family memories!

I have a rough draft idea of what I’ll be cooking this week. It’s going to be another chicken night tonight. I’ve got some chicken breasts marinating in the refrigerator then later throwing it on the BBQ with some fresh sweet corn I picked up at Raley’s. Later in the week, I’ll be making a casserole with any leftovers, serving with a fresh green salad. One night, we’ll have breakfast for dinner and on our family night, I’ll make calzones. As you can see, it’s a pretty simple week.

Your turn! Share your menu, we want to see them all!


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