Kitchen Tools For A Busy Mom

 Kitchen Tools For A Busy Mom

We all have the basic kitchen tools that make our kitchen functional such as pots and pans, mixing bowls, bakeware, etc. but the right kitchen tools will always make the job easier and quicker for a busy mom.

Part of my business is to share with others that High Quality Kitchen Tools are essential in cooking and food preparation. Here are some of the kitchen tools I use on a daily basis and are considered very basic and something each kitchen should have. It makes cooking for busy moms like us a lot easier.

I recently read in an article,”Home is a very special place for everyone and a kitchen makes a home perfect. No home is complete without a kitchen, and a kitchen is incomplete without the present day kitchen tools and gadgets.”

With the right kitchen tools, you can be well assured of a hassle free cooking.

Some basic kitchen tools include knives and a cutting board. The knife I have shown here is a 5″ Santoku, which has a shorter blade designed for precision tasks like mincing and paper-thin slicing. It fits perfectly in your hand and it’s not too heavy.  The other kitchen tool needed is a Large Grooved Cutting Board. It’s two boards in one! One side is flat, the other features a generous capacity groove to catch the excess juices from meat and fruit. It’s perfect for everyday use.  The best feature about this cutting board is it won’t dull your knife blades like wood or stainless steel. That’s a plus in my book for keeping your knives sharp. Along with the knife, a cutting board helps you chop the vegetables in precise shape and size.

You often need small bits of things like onions, vegetables, cheese, chocolates, nutmegs,and cooked meats. A  Food Chopper is the perfect tool to chop them into small bits without mashing them. You can choose to chop foods directly on a cutting board or in the cap for smaller portions. I like to tell my customers this kitchen tool is the “Transformer” of  all kitchen tools. It comes apart very easily for cleaning. It’s handier than a food processor and much easier to clean.

I tell everyone it’s easier to prep your food ahead of time when planning your menus for the week. Prep Bowls are perfect for storing your recipe ingredients and have a snug-fit lid. What I like about these Prep Bowls is they are made from tempered glass and measure 1-cup perfectly.  They are perfect for the dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe to 350 degrees. Perfect for making custards, melting butter or chocolate.

 Kitchen tools can in fact help reduce the preparation time for any recipe. This particular kitchen tools let you handle your kitchen tasks much more conveniently and with a lesser effort. Here are some other handy kitchen tools I use on a daily basis.

A Stainless Whisk for mixing siffer mixures like batters, a Silicone Scrapper for scrapping clean the sides and bottoms of large stock pots and large sauce pans when making sauces. These scrappers have a great feature: they won’t crack, split or stain, have heat-resistant to 650 degrees F handles and to 450 degrees F dishwasher-safe.

 A Mix-n-Chop tool is perfect when chopping hamburger as it cooks or chopping tomatoes while cooking. And of course every busy mom needs a good Slotted Spoon  to get into tight corners of the pan and scrape pan bottoms. It’s also heat-resitant. I can’t stress enough how beneficial it is to have heat-resistant kitchen tools in your kitchen.

Every busy mom needs to mix, store, reheat and bake.  Batter Bowls are perfect for this. They like the Prep Bowls are made from tempured glass with standard and metric marks for easy measuring. They have a spout and handle for easy pouring, and plastic lids for easy storage. Bowls are dishwasher-, freezer-, microwave- and oven-safe to 350 degrees F.

One of my favorite kitchen tools is my Silicone Basting Brush. I can neatly brush sauces, butter or egg onto foods. It’s stain and odor resistant and has a hanging hook to keep from falling into the bowl and is one of the kid-friendly kitchen tools I share. When making homemade pizzas, it’s perfect for the kids to use.


Lastly, I will share with you what EVERY busy mom needs in her kitchen. A Deep Covered Baker. This is to me like the 20th-Century crockpot. It’s very versatile! You can bake a 5-pound chicken or turkey breast, 4-pound roast, casseroles and so much more!  the best part about this piece is you can use it in the  microwave or oven.

How about chicken fajitas for dinner? Throw some veggies on the bottom, a couple of chicken breasts on top with seasoning, toss in the microwave for 30 minutes and your dinner is ready! How’s that for making dinner for your family? This bakeware is similar to the cast iron skillet.  You oil it a few times and as you continue to cook with it, it seasons as you cook with it. It becomes a darker brown or black color. It retains heat longer so your food stays hot longer.

Having versatile and multifunctional kitchen tools in your home will help busy moms put together a delicious menu quickly and easily for their family. I’ve just shared with you some of my favorite ones. In future posts, I’ll share with you the benefits of having good cookware and other kitchen tools that might peek your interest.

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