Kitchen Tips For Mom:I’m Back In The Kitchen!

I’m Back In The Kitchen!

While the rest of the world was busy working, I took a well-earned (in my opinion) family staycation. At least once a year during the summer, I like to kick back, relax, make sure I switch off from work and dedicate quality time with my family. It also gives me a chance to re-group on some new ideas in the kitchen. I’m looking forward to cooking up some great meals and sharing them with you! I’ll be back in the kitchen this week having fun!

I was also able to put together some ideas on a new Kitchen Tips Digest coming out in August, that will feature recipes, kitchen tips and the everyday lifestyle of a busy mom. You’re in for a special treat with this special issue on Back To School Meal Savings Ideas.  Want to Share with us your family kitchen stories, favorite family recipes or what tips work for you in preparing family mealtimes! I’d love to showcase your kitchen talents or oganization in the kitchen, but I need to hear from you soon! Send me your story–Remember, if I include your contribution in a Digest, you’ll receive that issue FREE.

Kitchen Tips For Busy Mom

While I’m cooking up some recipes to share this week, take a peek at how you can get ideas and practical information on everyday family meal planning with my new e-cookbook, A Busy Mom’s Guide To Family Meal Planning by visiting HERE.  I’ve decided to continue to offer this e-cookbook at a 25% off  savings to you! It’s a collection of quick and easy recipes your whole family is guaranteed to love! Find appetizer recipes for your next family party and dinner recipes for those busy weeknights.

As always, my quick and easy recipes for Busy Moms can be found on my website Noel’s Kitchen

Visit my new Amazon Kitchen Store  for some of my recommeneded appliances, storage and kitchen needs along with some of my favorite cookbooks and aprons to help you with your family meal planning. For high quality kitchen tools for your kitchen, visit www.

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