June Goals

June Goals

It’s June already. Is that really possible? It feels like this year is just flying by!It’s already the middle of the year and it’s time to start looking at my June Goals.  Right now, I’m looking at my goals so far that I had planned out for the first part of the year and adjusting any that I didn’t quite accomplish and adding them to my June Goals moving forward for the rest of this year. I’m a visual person so I enjoy using my EC horizontal planner. It keeps me focused on the tasks that I want to complete and easily allows me a way I can always reference back through the month(s) if I need to.

Goals for June 2017

June is the beginning of summer for us and it’s a good time to check in on my goals.

June Goals

Blog Goals

  • Create and stick to blog content calendar
  • Work on my blog stats (I got paid last year and added those funds to our Disney Vacation.)
  • Work on social media engagement (Took a little time off the grid for some quality time with family.) 
  • Don’t look at blog page views ( I think it’s natural that when you put a lot of yourself into something, you want it to do well. I put a lot of time and effort into this space since 2009 and though there are multiple ways to gauge success, I tend to focus in on page views to tell me if I’m doing a good job or not. I know it’s not the best indicator, thank you social media algorithms for largely controlling that, but I tend to think a post with high views means people like that topic. Low views? Don’t write about it again. But honestly, it’s like sucking the fun out of it and I want to do better at shielding myself from that kind of measuring stick.)
  • Organize my Pinterest boards

Life Goals

  • Be more consistent with intentional exercise ( Isn’t this always on my list? I love using my Fitbit Charge 2. I try and walk at least 5 miles every day if not every other day including a mile or two at lunch time during my work week. I’m even thinking about adding Shakeology back into my meal plan.  Right now, the hubby and I are planning on joining the new gym and I’m excited about that. I would love to get a personal trainer for a few months.)
  • Plan a night out with my babe (That would be Illya. Now that the kids are older and capable of hanging out at home by themselves for a few hours, I feel more comfortable enjoying a night out with my man.)
  • Read a book off of my favorite books bookshelf (Am I the only one who enjoys reading a book more than once?)
  • Save for next year’s annual family vacation (I haven’t posted about this year’s but it’s in the works and how are FREE every year!)
  • Declutter again! (This is a much needed task every month)

Family Vacations

What are you hoping to accomplish/soak up in June?

Is there an area in your life you feel like you are always trying to focus on?

Have you read any great books lately?


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