Join Me In Bringing Back Friday Family Favorites!

I decided to bring back a series I started earlier in the year…Friday Family Favorites.

Our Family Friday nights are not just about having pizza. We enjoy a great family meal,  discuss our days, our friends, our plans, play games, watch movies…we reconnect after a long busy week. With school having begun, I feel this is the perfect time to share Friday Family Favorites with you.  I am going to go back through my recipe archives and make some of those family recipes from when I first started my blog. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. Some of these recipes, I feel got lost in the shuffle with newer ones and this way they can get a new and improved picture along with a better printable recipe format and grocery list.  Then you can get a chance to look at some of those recipes you might not be aware of on my site and my family can get to eat some recipes they love. 

I never, ever post recipes that I don’t love and recommend, so every single recipe you’ll find on Friday Family Favorites has been enjoyed by my family.

I want everyone to share in the fun and combine some family favorite dinners along with a few fun activities.  It’s a great opportunity to start building lasting memories. Watch for this series to start back up in September on Fridays.

Our family has grown over the years, and even though our schedules are definitely a bit hectic at times, we all still sit down at the table together. We chat over dinner — sometimes all at the same time — and enjoy each other’s company. Those are the best conversations.


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