Join Me for a Pantry Challenge~Let’s Save Some Money! #mealplanning #grocery

Our time is just ticking away. Here we are at almost the end of July and school starts back up in another few weeks. And before I know it, our family’s New Years vacation to Disneyland will be here. I’m not one of those who plans things at the last minute, I like to plan out for major trips like this one. So we’ve been saving, spending frugally where we can but I feel it’s time to really buckle down.

With school starting, expenses tend to add up if your not paying attention on school supplies, clothing and whatever else is needed for kids during the school year. Our son Dante, will be in the sixth grade and going on his sixth grades cience camp field trip which is going to be another expense to our budget.

So, it’s time to eat from our pantry and of course our freezer. It’s time to make the most of what we have, avoid food waste and save some money. I’ve done little pantry challenges over the years and thought it’s time to do it again. So here we are. I’m ready to do it again.

I do a lot of  “from scratch” cooking. It’s healthier for us. It’s more economical. But, it also takes more time. My one focus this week is to only purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and a few baking items like flour, sugar, corn starch, etc. I’ll need a few items from the meat department like chicken and ground turkey. It is a pantry challenge, but eating just pasta, beans and rice can get a little boring over the next two weeks. Keep in mind, I shop for groceries every two weeks. I will only buy what’s on sale and use coupons where I can. My last grocery shopping trip, I kept my grocery budget to a minimum of $150. I plan on doing the same this week.

Would you like to join me?

I’d love to have some moms join me so we can spur one another on. For the rest of the month through next month, maybe even longer,  I’ll be posting a link-up for all those who wish to share their goals for the challenge. Then, every Wednesday following we’ll share updates here on There really is no end to a pantry challenge. It’s a great way to rotate your pantry stock and save money. Who wants to stop saving money?

Are ya with me?

I’ll be posting daily updates right here on my Daily Pantry Challenge Log


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