It’s Not A Diet It’s A Lifestyle Change

It’s Not A Diet It’s A Lifestyle Change


I’ve heard a lot of skepticism and doubtfulness since I first began my health and fitness journey in August about others who are on their own health and fitness journey and sharing Before and After pictures.  I’ve heard people mention they either touched up their photos to make it look like they lost weight or they’re not that really toned. It’s not really them.  

I guess it was something that just really bothered me for some reason. Why? because it takes a lot of time for someone to feel confident enough to build up that self-confidence to post those Before and After pictures.

I never want you as my reader, mentees, accountability partner, or team member to come here thinking I’m going to show you anything that isn’t real. My journey in my health and fitness is the true me. When I was younger, I would have never second guessed posting pictures of myself thin or with extra pounds.

It’s Not A Diet It’s A Lifestyle Change

When I got older and gained a few extra pounds is when it seemed to get harder. With the new upcoming year, I’m really looking forward to a new year, new challenges and new accomplishments. I’m no longer afraid to share how I’m feeling or the obstacles I face through my journey. Many bloggers out there struggle with what to truly share with their readers and what not to share when writing. I’m not going to hold back anything. What you see is exactly what you are getting.

Having Accountability

I have two very simple rules when I write:
I refuse to share pictures that my husband thinks aren’t appropriate. I believe fitness and weight loss bloggers can tastefully show their progress without degrading themselves.
I won’t share any clean eating recipes or tips that I haven’t personally tried myself or that my family hasn’t tried. Every recipe I share is family tested and approved. If I do want to share something I’ve never tried before, I will post my review.

Other than that, you get one hundred percent me.

It's Not A Diet...It's A Lifestyle Change!
It’s Not A Diet…It’s A Lifestyle Change!


Showing muscle tone and inch loss seems to be a bit trickier now.  Sometimes, I don’t see the changes, but my family and friends do. But honestly, I want you to see the authentic side of things. Don’t come here and expect to see only the perfect side of things. 

I can tell you I haven’t lost my goal weight yet. I’ve hit a few obstacles like the move of the store, working for 2 weeks straight and not giving my body a rest, took its toll on my left side. I’m hoping it will eventually work it’s way out, but my bones feel really old right now. Then the dental procedure I had, put me out of commission for a week after the move.

Persist Until Something Happens

I’m just now starting to feel back to normal. And I won’t use a camera or cute clothes to trick you into believing anything otherwise. That’s just not me. If I have progress, I am proud of it and I own it. I don’t feel like I’m done with my journey. I have more to go, but I also admit that every day it can be a struggle to maintain if I don’t plan my weeks out in advance.

Last week, the scale showed a two-pound decrease. I was honestly a little furious! This week has been all about me buckling down and refocusing (and the scale is back down too). I needed to show that drastic increase to fire up my drive.

I will be the first to admit that this past month I completely lost that burning need to keep going over the last month. I was tired. Thank goodness I was lucky enough to just maintain, but this isn’t where I wanted to stop. So, I will keep going. 


With the coming year, I think it’s time to focus harder on where I want to go from here. I’ve had fun and slacked off a bit, but now it’s time to dig back in.



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