Inspiration From A Mother’s Kitchen

As you scroll through my blog posts, you’ll quickly realize that this is more than just another blog about cooking. It’s about a way of thinking about cooking as much as it is about what goes on in your kitchen all week long. My recipes reflect the usual standards of family mealtimes, nutrition and the ease of preparation, but they’re also part of a much larger purpose. My blog is a comprehensive road map for an enjoyable lifelong journey of creating family mealtime memories. The liveliness of my family around the dinner table while enjoying a family meal makes me happy.

Inspiration From A Mother’s Kitchen

My goal for those busy moms and their families is to make cooking not only look simple-but actually be simple. I know you’re busy, so I’ll help you choose which dishes to make by adding meal time preparation and cooking times to every recipe. That way, you can pick super-fast ones for those crazy weeknights, and save some longer recipes for those weekends. I’ll be adding some new features to my blog as well as my newsletter A Busy Mom’s Kitchen. You’ll find informative tips on pans, ingredients, cooking methods and the like. Soon, you will be able to sign up to have a weekly dinner menu plan, recipes, with prep and cook times for every recipe, easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions , and a printable shopping list sent to you each week! So stay tuned for details. In the mealtime, you can start off with how to meal plan, plan a trip to your grocery store and learn how to start your pantry with these E-books I’ve created: A Busy Mom’s Guide To Family Meal Planning and Make-Ahead Meals For Busy Moms: Cook It Freeze It, Volume One; Beef Recipes

So welcome to Noel’s Kitchen Tips. I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I’ve loved creating them for you.

Happy Cooking!


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