Easy Ways To Set Your New Years Goals Now

Easy Ways To Set Your New Years Goals Now

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It seems like most people are always saying they’ll work on and start their goals “next year.” I’m over here all WTF can I possibly accomplish before the year ends, and then some. And thinking why the hell should I wait till next year to tackle this or that! I am NOT saying don’t take time to enjoy life, or your family & friends but you don’t HAVE to just stop pushing toward the things you said you wanted to accomplish, just because so many other people do. With the New Year, while many of us want to lead a healthier lifestyle, a hectic schedule, cold winter, the holidays and a lack of motivation all seem to get in the way of our goals.

How to Start Your Goals Before The New Year

Don’t wait till the New Year—do it now!  Starting today, follow some of these simple steps toward a healthier you:

  • Make specific goals: Instead of saying, “I want to start working out more,” say, “I will do 30 minutes of physical activity per day.”
  • Limit yourself: Stick to one goal instead of a few. Start out with just one or two. Than as you accomplish each goal, you can add more to your list.
  • Post reminders: Hang up a written reminder of your resolution in a visible place. Set an alarm on your phone. Make it so you are able to see your goal each and every day.
  • Take action: Sign up for a gym membership or start adding more fruits and veggies to your meal plan immediately. Workout with a friend or get an accountability partner. 
  • Start making healthy choices: If your goal is to eat less “junk food,” find a healthy snack you enjoy instead. Learn ways to change the way you are eating. 


Why wait until the first week or two of January to make meaningful changes to your lifestyle? Just think about how far ahead you will be when the New Year arrives and how confident this will make you! Remember, consistency is the key to success so work your new plan and don’t ever give up.



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