How To Make The Most Of Your Fruit!



Fruit Facts:

Have you ever gotten excited when you start seeing that succulent fresh summer fruit arrive at your local grocery store,  fruit stand or farmer’s market? This often translates into purchasing before we know exactly how and when we are going to enjoy the recent arrived bounty. To help you know the best way to keep and enjoy our finest finest summer fruit, please note the following tips.

How to test for Ripeness:

Place a piece of fruit in the palm of your hand and squuze gently. If the fruit has some “give” and it smells sweet, it is ready for you to enjoy… on its own or as part of your favorite recipe or smoothie. If you must wait, store ripe fruit in the refrigerator until you are ready to use.

Ripening your Fruit

Place unripened fruit into a paper bag and close it loosely. Keep the bag at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. The paper bag will encourage the fruit’s natural maturing process. A plastic bag, however, will trap moisture and air which will cause premature spoilage, so always use paper bags.

Storing Fruit

Most fruit, upon achieving proper ripeness, requires refrigeration to maintain its freshness. You should store different varieties of fruit seperately, as storing them together will encourage spoilage. In fact, a fruit bowl filled with all the lovely colors of fruit will spoil  fart more quickly than almost any otrher storage method!

Washing Fruit

You should not wash fruit prior to storing it. By washing it, you are striping away some of the natural protections in the skins which allow the fruit to store longer. Once you are ready to eat the fruit, wash it under clean, running tap water–even if you won’t be eating the fruit’s skin.

Now, go out and enjoy all those lucious summer fruits–knowing exactly how to get the most for your fruit-buying dollars!





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