Baker Soda Shaker…The Frugal Handy Household Helper

I no longer use those harsh chemicals to clean my home. I’ve become quite the green living guru when it comes to the cleaning products I now use in my household. First, I started making my own laundry soap and then I started using easy to use homemade cleaning products that are right in my pantry.

 Baking Soda: Good for Cleaning and Economical

Baking soda is my frugal handy household helper and something that I always have on hand in the pantry and I use it quite frequently around my house especially in the kitchen. It’s inexpensive and it has no harsh odor smell when cleaning. Shake a little bit in a pot for soaking overnight, use as a mild abrasive to scrub my kitchen sink or as a deodorizer for my kitchen compost bucket that’s sitting on the counter. Open up a small box in your fridge and freezer and it keeps those nasty odors away. I use it on all my cutting boards with a little bit of water and lemon juice so my board always stays nice,  fresh and clean.


Baking Soda Shaker

How To Make A Baking Soda Shaker

Simple! I had an extra parmesan cheese shaker sitting in the cupboard and filled it with baking soda.  Or if you have a mason jar handy,  fill it with baking soda, screw on the lid and find yourself a hammer and large nail. Tap a few holes in the top and Voila! A baking soda shaker. I place mine on the kitchen window sill next to the herbs and my flower pot.

Considering the cost of baking soda (I can get a 5 lb. container at the Cash and Carry supply store for just $4.39) and the diversity of use, I consider baking soda to be one of the best bargains out there.

What are your frugal cleaning tricks in the kitchen? Do you have baking soda shaker?


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