It’s All About The Family Dinner Time

family dinner

How does your family define a successful dinner? I’m sure some families would comment any one of these three things:

  1. Every member of the family is accounted for and seated at the dinner table.
  2. There is a wholesome comforting meal on the table for my family.
  3. Everyone is eating the same wholesome comforting meal.

A successful family dinner to me,  and as discussed further in my book A Busy Mom’s Guide to Family Meal Planning, I would answer yes be any one of those three listed above but also one where we were able to truly re-connect as a family. You must remember, family meal times are more than just food. They are also about relationships and feelings; a time to communicate.  No technology, no electronics just the family. I want to hear about what kind of day my kids had in school, are they making new friends, are they not making friends, what are their projects, goals or inspirations, laugh and discuss. We work so hard for our families, what not take the time to enjoy it!

What would your family say?



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