Homemade Corn Dog Muffins

Homemade Corn Dog Muffins

These homemade corn dog muffins are great for when you’re on the go and a great make-ahead meal for your kids for a snack or lunch that can easily be frozen

As much as we all like the smell and taste of a corn dog, I’ve never actual attempted to make them at home because of all the oil that’s required to cook them. I’m not a big fan of deep frying foods.

This recipe is a great alternative to deep frying your corn dogs and the kids love them. You can use your favorite cornmeal recipe or if you can find Jiffy cornbread mix on sale like I did, that will work too.

Homemade Corn Dog Muffins

Makes: 24 muffins


  • 2 boxes Jiffy Cornbread mix, plus ingredients to make muffins according to package instructions
  • 1 package hot dogs
  • 24 muffins paper cups to line muffin pan


  1. Make muffin mix according to package instructions. (Your using two boxes so remember to double ingredients.)
  2. Line muffin pan with muffin cups.
  3. Fill each muffin cup with cornbread batter.
  4. Cut hots dogs in 1/2 or in 1/3 depending on the size hot dogs you have on hand.
  5. Place hot dog in center of cornbread batter and lightly press in. (Batter will slightly raise over hot dog.)
  6. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 400 degrees until lightly golden brown.
  7. Serve right away or let cool and freeze.
An easy lunch or snack idea that you can make ahead and your kids will love!


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