There’s Holes in My Bread!

There’s Holes in My Bread!




There’s Holes in My Bread!

Have you ever found yourself saying: There’s Holes in My Bread after it comes out of your bread machine? When baking bread in the bread machine, it usually comes out with a hole in the middle due to the kneading paddle baking in the bread.

With certain brands of  bread machines, you certainly can’t help this. Usually, I just cut off the end and make homemade croutons or when this happens, it’s time for a fun breakfast…Egg-in-a-Hole.


Grab some butter, seasonings or salt and pepper…

Butter and season up your bread on both sides. Place on a preheated griddle at 350 or use a large skillet. Crack your eggs inside the holes in the bread. Cook for a few minutes on each side. Enough to firm up your egg. The kids like the yoke hard, hubby and I love it soft. You choose which you like.

Once they’re toasty and brown, enjoy them with fresh fruit or yogurt.

Egg-in-a-Hole Recipe

What do you do when your homemade bread comes out with holes?


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