Help Me! Sending Care Packages To Kids Do’s and Dont’s

A few weeks ago, our oldest, as some of you know was accepted into the Music Institute in Hollywood, Ca.  Right there off of Hollywood Blvd. He went down with the bare minimum and is sharing an apartment with two other people. We were glad he was able to find a reasonable apartment on such short notice.

And now that he’s living a 9 hour drive (depending on how fast you’re going) away from us, I’m sure he’s going to miss some home cookin’ like crazy. He’s already made a comment to me about just eating Top Ramen and PB&J. If’s he’s going to school five days a week and working five days a week, he needs good comfort foods that will keep him energized, focused and healthy.

Before I try and send any type of care package down to him, I thought about putting out a call for help. I’m not sure what kind of homemade foods will ship that distance and still taste great upon arrival. That’s where you come in. I know there are a lot of you who have great wisdom on this subject.

What items do you like to send off to homesick friends and family? I know cookie tins are always an easy option, but are there certain cookies that work better than others? What about any savory food ideas?

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