Healthy Snacks On The Run

This morning I woke up feeling energized and refreshed after a relaxing weekend.  This week, it’s back to the office and kitchen with a busy schedule.

Having that busy schedule, means I need to make sure I keep up my energy eating healthy snacks in between meals.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are always a healthy snack. Apples, carrots, celery, mangos, blueberries, kiwis and pomegranates are all great. These can also be made into juices or smoothies, of course.

Aside from fresh fruits, I also like to choose organic dried fruits and nuts. These can be purchased individually or in trail mixes. As with other foods, there is a wide variety of quality when it comes to things like dried fruits and trail mixes.  When I do my grocery shopping, I look for dried fruits and nuts that are on sale so I can make my own trail mix.

One traditional snack food I enjoy that is not usually considered healthy is popcorn. Popcorn can always be a good snack food, if it’s popped naturally and is not topped offr with an artificial butter substitute. Start with organic popcorn, pop it either using an air popper or a traditional popper or pan, using a healthy oil such as canola or sunflower. Top moderately with sea salt and, if you need the butter flavor, a small amount of organic butter or, better still, clarified butter.

These are a few healthy snack food ideas that I enjoy, do you have any favorites?

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