Would you like to share a recipe, menu or frugal family money saving tip with Noel’s Kitchen Tips?

Noel’s Kitchen Tips is currently accepting guests posts on the following topics:

  • Food (menu planning, recipes, homemade/DIY from scratch, cooking tips, etc.)
  • Kitchen (cleaning, kitchen tools, organizing, stocking, emergency pantry supply, etc.)
  • Saving Money (in the kitchen, grocery shopping, budgets, at home, with the kids – anything for the family)
  • Kids in the Kitchen (safety, cooking, cleaning, decorating food, etc.)
  • Canning and Preserving Food (canning, garden (growing your own foods), drying, stockpiling, etc.)

Submission Guidelines:

  • Your post submitted must be NEW in content. I am not accepting previously published material. (I review all content before publishing. I reserve the right to refuse to publish your post if I feel it’s not something that would benefit my readers.)
  • Queries that request linking to a commercial website of any kind will not be considered. If you would like to purchase advertising, please refer to my advertising page.
  • Your post must be 250 – 700 words in length.
  • The post must not include affiliate links, nor be a sales pitch for your personal product(s).
  • You may include a link back to your own blog in your byline.
  • You may include photos, if relevant to the material.
  • Be sure to use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation in your article. (It’s also a big turnoff if you can’t properly spell in your email requesting to submit a guest post.)

Send your article/post to Noel’s Kitchen Tips with the subject line –

“Guest Post Submission – {Your Article Title}”

Please type your article/post directly into the email, rather than sending an attachment.

Receipt of your guest post submission will be acknowledged within 24-48 hours via email.

I will contact you by email to let you know within 7 days if your article has been accepted for publication on Noel’s Kitchen Tips.

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